M.A.I.N. has already saved over 150 dogs from euthanasia since we began in January of 2012…

MAIN dogs!We try and give great names to all of these kids, but after so many, we find ourselves drawing a blank sometimes! So, give us a hand, PLEASE!

Just use the Facebook Comments area below to add your favorite names and the next time, we’re at a loss for one – we’ll come here and take a peek!

and to EVERYONE that has made the M.A.I.N. Program SO incredibly successful…THANK YOU!





Just a reminder or two:

  • Names need to be at least 4 letters long
  • Names should not be common words that could be used in a sentence

We’ve gotten from all of you already!  As these names are used, they’ll link to the pages for the corresponding dogs.  Thanks SO much to everyone – and keep all the great names coming!

Abby Dyson Lenny Ringo
Adalia Elvis Lotus Ritchie
Adela Emily Lucy Rose
Alexis Estoril Madonna Rossi
Andy Eureka Marlin Samwise
Apollo Finn Mya Savannah
Artemis Gatsby McGee Sawyer
Athena Gauge McLaren Scoocher
Barney George Miele Sebastian
Benny Gibbs Minardi Shirley
Bijoux Gideon Minerva Shooter
Biscuit Gilligan Molly Silverstone
Bissel Griffin Monza Simon
Bocce Harry Morgan Sinatra
Brabham Hendrix Morrison Spencer
Bugsy Henry Mucca Squiggy
Carolina Hermes Nikita Tallah
Catalina Hoover Nurburgring Tapioca
Chaco Hotch Oreck Timber
Charlie Huckleberry Ozzy Tippy
Chopper Imola Paddington Trip
Crash Indigo Penelope Tundra
Cricket Jasper Penny Wilba
Daisy Jazmin Pierre Zamboni
Darcy Journey Pippa Zeke
Demeter Julep Poochie Zeus
Diana Kirby Poseidon Zia
Donington Kona Potsie Ziva
Drifter Lainey Puck Zoe
Duffy Laverne Ralph Zoie