Otis, Lab/Pit Bull Terrier Mix

Otis waiting at the vetMeet Otis.

Otis first came to our attention at the county shelter, where he had been brought in with a pretty severe case of Mange on his head.

Like so many other dogs we’ve seen before him, Otis’ fur is missing in clumps, replaced by bleeding scabs, as he tries to itch away the mites that have burrowed under his skin.

Despite his obviously uncomfortable condition, Otis is still a sweetheart and all puppy! He greets his rescuers with plenty of tail wags and kisses as if he knows– it’s all going to be OK now!

We can’t wait to see Otis grow into a healthy, happy dog and we’re taking you along for the journey!

Be sure to check back for updates on Otis’ progress and please, if you are able, donate to his medical care chip-in fund via PayPal below. Thank You!

Otis’ Updates:

Otis has been adopted! Congrats to Otis and his new furever dad!

Otis all grown upOtis’ Adoptapet Bio: Otis here. Well, I was in pretty tough shape when the folks at M.A.I.N. took me in. My fur was falling out in clumps. I felt pretty lousy and was a nervous wreck. But see what a few months can do! My fur is all grown out and I’m leaving my puppy behavior behind and turning into a real grown up pup. It hasn’t been easy. I used to be very excitable, but my foster Mom has put me through my paces and I’ve learned to calm down when she tells me. I’m also a quick learner, according to her. I’ve mastered the dog door (no potty inside the house for me!), hanging in my crate and just figuring life out in general. Did I tell you I have dog buddies. Yep, a couple. We all get along really well, so it’s nice having them around. One of them showed up here after me. A little guy and he seemed really sick when he got here. He’s better now and I even let him share my crate when he needs a cuddle. All in all, life is pretty good here, but it’s time for me to move on and find my forever home. I won’t sugar coat it. I’m still part pup, so I need training and discipline. But I’m a hard worker and a fast learner and I’m just waiting to meet you so we can have a perfect life!

OtisUpdate from Otis’ foster family, July 2015: Otis is a good boy! He is about 90% potty trained. He is great with other dogs and with children. Otis is still a puppy so he has lots of energy and will chew on a flip flop if left out, lol. He still has some skin issues and is on meds. He needs baths with special shampoo and conditioner.

April 9th, 2015: Otis had his first negative skin scrape today! He also weighs 30 lbs!

February 2015: Otis weighs 12 pounds at rescue and is just 10 weeks old. He has been started on treatment for mange and we hope to see improvement very soon!



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