Oscar, Great Pyrenees

oscarMeet Oscar.

Oscar was rescued from a local shelter with a low grade malignant tumor in his skull bone. He will have xrays and bloodwork at our partner vet while we determine the best course of action for him. We hope we can help this gentle giant!

Oscar is a whopping 131 pounds but seems to know he has to be careful with his big size. He loves everyone he meets, other dogs and people included!

Oscar will spend time in a wonderful foster home while we get him the vet care he needs. We will keep everyone updated on his progress.

Please, if you are able, donate to Oscar’s medical care via PayPal below. Every little bit counts.

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Oscar’s Updates:

RIP Oscar. You are furever loved. <3 (full update below)

oscarparkOscar Update, Feb. 2016: We are SO sad to report that it was time to let our precious Oscar go the other day. While we mourn his loss, we also celebrate the fact that Oscar had THE most love and care we could have hoped for during his final days. We are eternally grateful to the Wright family for showing Oscar such love when he needed it the most. From Oscar’s foster mom: “Our gentle giant left us behind the other day. He was doing really good and then literally from one moment to the next it was time to let him go. I am so grateful we got to have him for the three months he was with us. He was a blast to have and reminded me that life is to be lived to the hilt. Such a goof ball and such a lover. While I cry that he is gone, I also smile because he was here.” RIP Oscar…you are furever loved. <3

Oscar Update, Jan. 2016: Oscar’s tumor is growing and starting to extend into his eyes. Dr. B is confident that he’s not really in that much discomfort over all and he is currently on pain medication. Every other area of his life is still very high quality, eating, playing, interacting with us and the world, and mobility. He has no other physical symptoms of issues right now. So we will manage for the slight signs he’s showing and go from there.

Oscar with his foster familyOscar Update, Dec. 2015: Oscar saw Dr. Rizzo this week to determine if he was a candidate for surgery to remove his tumor. It’s sadly not the news we were hoping for. The tumor is inoperable. The eyes are too involved. There are just to many variables, too many issues and it would just come back at the same rate it’s growing. She said reshaping other tumors in this region has not gone well for previous dogs. So, we leave it alone and watch for signs of discomfort or behavior changes. When it’s apparent he no longer has a good quality of life, we will say goodbye to our gentle giant. We are so sad for him, but we will give Oscar the best life we can for the time he has left. Right now he’s happy, and besides the huge growth in his head, healthy. He’s enjoying just being a dog!

From Oscar’s foster family, Nov. 2015: Finally got Oscar to the dog park! Oscar has shown us that he really wants to open up and play hard. He had a blast!! Seeing Oscar being able to run was really cool! He played with the tennis play and was just fun to watch! I took the last picture an hour ago and he hasn’t moved since. Lately he’s been really restless, so I see more trips to the dog park in his future and regular walks. So much for that giant dog laid-back energy!