Ollie, Pit Bull Terrier Mix

Ollie’s Story:

From Trish: Last Thursday when everything was going so bad for Hogan I was at West trying to help more animals that needed MAIN.  Dr Durgan, MCACC Chief Veterinarian, stopped  in me in the hall and asked if I would look at and maybe consider a dog in horrible pain.  Dr Durgan explained the dog had little to no body fat and a huge mass on the side of the jaw. Her best diagnosis could be Valley Fever tumor/abscess, imbedded foxtail, or worse case, a malignant tumor. No matter what it was this dog’s time was going to end very soon. Whether this be MCACC putting the dog down or the infection overtaking the small frail body.

Update, July 2012: Friends, it is with heavy hearts that we tell you that our sweet Ollie has crossed The Bridge.

Given her age and overall poor condition the doctors tried conservative treatment with pain meds and antibiotics. Because on the surface her face was looking better, she was sedated to see what all was going on.

What Dr. Katie found was horrifying: the mass originated from the mouth rather than the skin- there were several “tunnels” from the inside of her mouth thru the rotting tumor to the outside, and the mass was attached and involving the zygomatic arch (roughly the cheek bone in people) and possibly the maxilla (upper jaw) as well.

Oral cavity tumors in dogs are generally very aggressive and very ugly- melanoma, lymphoma, squamous cell carcinoma.  Her teeth all needed to be extracted- and even if we could have removed all of the tumor tissue there was nothing left to form that “cheek”.
All that was on the horizon for Ollie was more pain and we agreed it was best to help her cross before waking her up from the sedation.

Thank you everyone for your prayers, good thoughts and donations. We are sorry that we were not in time to save Ollie. Rest in Peace, Ollie…