Oliver, Aussie Mix

Oliver1Meet Oliver.

Oliver was abandoned by his owner at the county pound with a possible broken hip. We know what WE would do if our pet was in pain and had a broken bone- and we know what all of YOU would do…

So it’s unfathomable to us to think that someone would surrender this beautiful soul to the shelter, his fate most certainly being death because of his injury.

Luckily, Oliver’s fate took a different turn today when M.A.I.N. stepped in to rescue him, thanks to an outpouring of online networking and support.

Please share Oliver’s pictures and story with your world and if you are able, donate to his medical fund by clicking the link below. Thank you!


Oliver’s Updates:

Oliver has been adopted! Congrats to Oliver and his new fur-ever family!

  • Oliver2A note on Oliver from his foster family: Oliver is such a sweetheart. Our family feels honored to have been his foster family. We are a family of six with three other dogs so he is used to craziness! He does great with all the kids and their friends, my youngest being 5. He gets along great with the two boxers in the house and Oliver and our Chihuahua can chase each other for hours if they could. Oliver hasn’t been around cats while he has been with us, but perhaps before he was at the shelter he was. He has been going to puppy class and doing some socializing and has done amazing!!!! He knows sit and will sit before given a treat. We have been working on the leash, so far so good! No pulling! He is fully housebroke and uses the dog door with ease. He normally sleeps with us in the bed but we have had him in the kennel, especially when we had to restrict his play due to his FHO surgery. He does wonderful; no crying or whining. He will chew on an occasional shoe its available but is easily distracted with chew toys and bones. He is a total cuddler! He sits next to us on the couch and has been know to steal your spot if you leave! He loves popsicles and carrots….thank my daughter for the popsicles! As far as activity goes he is pretty mellow. He plays around with the dogs but isn’t overly hyper. He loves his walks and loves playing in the grass. I believe with continued socialization and training he would make a great therapy dog; maybe going to nursing homes or hospitals. He would make a great companion for returning vets with PTSD. He has a calming effect on us and is so darn soft! When we first brought him home he could barely walk due to his injury, he was quiet and would just lay with us. Since his surgery he is a totally different pup! So happy and full of life. It has been amazing to watch him change. I truly don’t think I can say enough good things about Oliver. We all want to keep him but know that in order to save more lives we have to let him go. I know there is that perfect person or family out there. I cannot wait til they are brought together with Oliver!

Update on Oliver, July 2nd: It’s been three weeks since his FHO surgery and the doc says he is progressing well. He is using that leg more and has increased muscle mass. He “graduated” to the next level of physical therapy with increased walking time and other various activities to promote the use of that leg.

Oliver and a palUpdate on Oliver from his foster family, June 22nd: Oliver continues to do great! He is truly a different puppy after his surgery! We take him for walks and he wants to run….thank goodness for leashes! We do work on the stairs too, he will bunny hop with his back legs if we dont take it slow and make him step up with his legs one by one. He does do some running around the house with the other dogs….its AWESOME to see him be a puppy! He has another check up July 2nd.

From Oliver’s foster family, June 11th: Oliver is exactly one week status post surgery. The doc isimpressed with his progress and we are starting physical therapy now- YAY Oliver!

Medical update, June 5th: Oliver had successful FHO surgery today and will be recovering in his wonderful foster home.

OliverFrom Oliver’s foster family, May 25th: We are still waiting for Olivers FHO surgery- hopefully within the next week or two. He has his good days and his bad, when he just isn’t as lively. However, whether good or bad his tail keeps on waggin’! He is totally housebroke (yay for me!) and has no problem using the dog door. He is such a sweetheart! (I will not be a foster failure, I will not be a foster failure, I will not be a foster failure). He is getting along good with all the other dogs and has a fun time playing with Lola (all while laying down!) I feel like he has one of those “old souls”…..he just makes the best of life and knows a lot at his age.

From Oliver’s foster mom, May 15th: We are slowly getting Oliver settled in….using the crate and giving the bigger dogs a little more time to get used to him. He is a sweetheart and wants to go wherever I do. Poor guy can walk and doesn’t seem to mind, but you can tell something is wrong. When he lays down it seems uncomfortable. Doc gave Oliver some pain medications and we are helping him take it easy. Surgery is scheduled for next week. We will keep you all updated! Did I mention he is FUZZY!

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