Norman, Chihuahua

Norman’s Story:

Norman was rescued with multiple medical issues. From Dr. Katie: Norman has Diabetes and needs insulin. Mature cataract in one eye, uveitis in the other (L) which will need either treatment or enucleation (depending on whether it responds to treatment.)  Chances are the cataract in that eye caused glaucoma, then uveitis, and now the eye may be dying.  Waiting on lab work to see what else may be going on-  but diabetics are very tough to manage in a rescue sort of setting.  They are often tough to manage even under the best of circumstances.

Update, Sept. 19th 2012: Friends, it is with a heavy heart that we tell you we lost one of our precious M.A.I.N. kids today. Norman began suffering from small seizures this morning that became more frequent. His foster mom rrushed him to the vet where he had a grand mal seizure. He passed away shortly thereafter in his foster mom’s arms. His blood suger levels were normal, so our vets believe that Norman likely had a brain tumor. He had a LOT of great days thanks to the wonderful fosters who welcomed Norman into their hearts. Rest in Peace, Norman…