Nikki, Shih-Tzu

Meet Nikki.

Nikki's tumor3Nikki was rescued from the county pound euthanasia list with multiple mammary tumors. As you can see, her tumor is quite large and is causing her a considerable amount of discomfort.

While Nikki’s tumor is certainly hard to look at, that isn’t the most heartbreaking thing about this sweet dog. What is so heartbreaking is that despite this girl’s circumstances, all she wants is love.

To think this sweet girl full of kisses and tail wags may have had no tomorrow…no chance at a family to call her own…no chance for a warm lap to curl up in. M.A.I.N. couldn’t let that happen!

Nikki will now have a tomorrow and hopefully many more days to come. We will get her to our partner vet for much needed medical treatment and then to the safety of a loving foster home.

We will update everyone with Nikki’s medical prognosis as we know more. In the meantime, if you are able to help us with Nikki’s medical bills please donate to her chip in fund via PayPal below. The dogs only have us and we only have YOU!

Nikki’s Updates:

Friends, we are so sorry to say that we lost Nikki. Nikki left us peacefully in her bed and we are grateful we could give her one last week surrounded by love and caring. Rest in Peace, sweet Nikki.

nikkiripFrom Nikki’s foster mom: If love itself could heal then I wouldn’t have to make this post. Unfortunately this morning Nikki crossed the bridge. She had a few rough days and absolutely everything that could possibly be done was done, but sometimes heaven needs angels, and this morning they got one. I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone for all the support and love they gave Nikki this past week, she was very loving herself and she had an amazing last week filled with kisses, cuddles, good care, hot dogs and cheese. I want to give a big huge thank you to Dr Andre and to MAIN! It is through rescuing that we love the unloved and make this world and their lives better for as many as we can and for as long we can.

Medical Update, Dec. 22nd: Unfortunately, we lost Nikki today. Her glucose levels were stable. She did have a couple of seizures over the weekend, but was on Valium for those. She was staying at our vets house for the weekend. She went to the computer to check on her blood work that they had sent out again on Friday…Nikki was in her bed sleeping. When Dr. Katie came back, 10 minutes later, she was gone… Still curled up in her bed where she had been resting.

Medical Update, Dec. 21st: The plan for Nikki is to spay and remove the tumor Monday and do exploratory surgery. Dr Katie still suspects she has an insulinoma but the blood tests came back inconclusive. Glucose was low as expected but insulin levels should have been very elevated and they were not. That would have been a definitive marker for the insulinoma (insulin producing tumor in the pancreas). The large tumor is not mammary in origin and is not related to the suspected insulinoma.

Nikki! in fosterUpdate on Nikki from her foster mom, Dec. 17th: Nikki is home tonight. We are waiting on some more blood work to see why her glucose levels keep dropping. She’s having fun exploring her new digs. Depending on what we find with blood work will determine when we are able to consider removing that big tumor. She is adapting well to home life. She is a well mannered diva. She has bonded quickly to me and the pack. She is shocked that she’s allowed on furniture and is such a cuddle bug. I’m stunned that this is the same dog. She also has no idea she has a tumor; she keeps up with the other two in play and jumping around.

Medical Update Dec. 15th, afternoon: Nikki is not doing well. When we picked her up from county, as we were getting her into the car, she had a big seizure. We rushed her to an emergency vet. Her glucose was 20, potassium was low and she had another seizure. They are giving her fluids and glucose to stabilize her, as well as Valium to stop the seizures.

Nikki at the emergency vetMedical Update, Dec. 15th, evening: The last report from the vet was no more seizures. She’s off the Valium and still getting her glucose up (58 now). Her foster mom visited her and got a tail wag. She’s also still getting potassium, as her levels were very low and probably contributed to the seizures. X-rays were done to see what we were looking at with the mass. It is in fact a tumor that is well encapsulated and there are no other tumors outside of her mammaries, as well as no signs of metastasis. Her lungs and heart are normal. She is staying at the vet overnight in their ICU because her glucose is low and they want her to get IV antibiotics. She will be transferred to our attending vet in the morning and we will go from there.

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