Nala, Shepherd Mix

Nala, soaking up loveMeet Nala.

Nala was first rescued at eight months old from the county pound after being hit by a car. Nala is safe at Bethany Animal Hospital and we are awaiting further word of her condition…

She tries to stand and cannot, so she left the shelter on a cart. She has a possibly complicated pelvic fracture that may require a bone plate and a specialist. Nala’s injuries have not dampened her joyful spirit however; she is full of tail wags and kisses! As always, we will keep everyone updated on Nala’s condition.

Medical Update, Dec. 4th: Nala’s x-rays are very ugly; her pelvis is fractured in several places and she has a femoral head fracture that will likely require Femoral Head Osteotomy (FHO) surgery. She will be on crate restriction and pain management until we see how these fractures are healing and will then decide on when to head down the surgery route.

Nala’s Updates:

After a year in foster, Nala has finally found her fur-ever home! We know now why it took Nala so long..she was waiting for THIS perfect family! Congrats Nala!

nalaadoptFrom Nala’s foster family: Nala does well with other dogs, but she tends to be dominant so if she was with another dog with the same personality it may be a problem. She does great with cats as long as they let her “meet them.” She’d be great with older kids (12 years and up), she’s exuberant and could possible knock a small child down, she’s also mouthy (loves to put your hand in her mouth) and though I’m trying to break her of it, that wouldn’t be good for small children. She is a HUGE snuggle bug. Wants to be close to her human when on the couch. Loves to sleep with her head in your lap. She’s VERY smart. She knows “off”, “sit”, “stay” “lay”, but currently will only do it for food. If food or a treat is not offered, she can be very stubborn. She is also a talker. It is so cute. She’ll talk to me when she wants something or while I’m getting her food ready.

Update on Nala from her foster mom, Feb. 24th: She’s doing great. She is SOOOO smart. She learned the dog door in less than a day, and we are working on her manners and she is catching on fast. I’m not sure what she already knows, but she is learning fast. She will be a proper young lady in no time. She has such a goofy and cuddly personality. She is also very protective of the house. Whenever she see golfers out on the course, she charges outside to let them know (loudly) that she’s keeping an eye on them.

Nala Update on Nala, Feb. 13th: Nala participated in our Valentine’s Day photo shoot (check out her photos below)! She is a happy, energetic and unique looking girl! She is slowly recovering from her FHO surgery and learning to bear more weight on her affected leg. We’re certain she will make a full recovery and go on to find her fur-ever home.

Update on Nala, Jan. 6th: Nala hates to be alone, but she will make a family very happy; she is a good watch dog who loves to cuddle and play. Her recovery from FHO surgery will be another three to four weeks. The recovery is painful,  but she has gotten through two days pretty well. She has such a drive to be in a pack or with her people even when she can barely walk.

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