Mr. Dalton, Lab

Dalton at the shelterMeet Mr. Dalton.

Mr. Dalton was surrendered to the shelter with a “broken leg” but xray revealed a much more sinister possibility- osteosarcoma (cancer). Unfortunately because of his medical needs, Dalton landed on the euthanasia list. MAIN answered the call for help, not knowing exactly what this rescue would entail.

We do not intentionally take hospice cases, as it just does not fit with our mission; we don’t have the resources to take on forever dogs. Something about this dog just grabbed at our hearts though…the “what ifs” and “maybe it’s not that” and “but he’s so darn happy” played through our minds. He has not given up and he deserved a chance.

This gentle giant is 90 pounds and in otherwise good shape. Diagnosis and prognosis are pending bloodwork and feedback from radiologists and oncologists. Please keep Mr. Dalton in your thoughts and please if you are able, help us with his medical care via PayPal below. Thank you!

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Mr. Dalton’s Updates:

Unfortunately Dalton’s struggle with cancer became too much and we made the decision along with his foster family to help him cross the Rainbow Bridge. Rest in Peace, Dalton…

daltonrainbowDalton’s Update: Friends, it is with broken hearts that we have to share Mr. Dalton crossed the Rainbow Bridge the other day. He was steadily declining, but still kept comfortable with medication and SO much love in his foster home. Unfortunately, the day came when the cancer took over and Dalton was suffering and struggling to breathe. We made the very difficult decision, along with his foster family to help Dalton pass peacefully. We knew when we took Dalton in that we more than likely wouldn’t be able to cure his cancer, but that doesn’t make this any easier. Our thoughts and thanks are with his foster family who is understandably heartbroken right now, as they gave so much love and time to Dalton during the too-short time he spent with him. No, this isn’t the outcome we hoped for, but sometimes this is all we can do. To his foster family, you did a very brave thing by helping Dalton transition to a different type of forever home; the kind of home where he will never know pain again. Rest in Peace, Dalton and know you are furever loved…

Dalton Update, Nov. 2015: Although preliminary testing shows that the cancer in his leg is bad, and it has metastasized (spread) to his lungs, we did send out some samples for biopsy. We are still awaiting results. We don’t know how much time we have left with this gentle giant, but we will do our best for him to ensure that the days he does have are incredible, and pain-free. We are fully prepared to say goodbye when he tells us it’s time.