Max, Cockapoo

Meet Max! Max was rescued from the county euthanasia list with dental issues…

Medical Update from Dr. Katie, May 2012: Good grief- Max’s mouth was a disaster. 12 extractions- all but 2 of them fairly major. Some of the roots were so infected that I didn’t suture the sites- soft food for at least a few days, but he will feel SO MUCH BETTER in less than a week. Dentistry can make the most incredible difference in quality of life!

Max’s Updates:

Max has been adopted by his foster family! We are so happy Max will have a loving home to live out his golden years!

Max!Max’s Story: Hello folks! My name is Max and I’m a sweet senior gentleman looking for a fur-ever home to retire in! Dogs, like fine wine, get better with age- and I’m no exception! I am 14 years old and still have plenty of life in me! Did you know that my breed can live up to 20 years when properly taken care of?! This latest chapter of my life has been a little rough. Somehow I found myself at the county pound and worse yet, on the euthanasia list. That’s when my pals at M.A.I.N. stepped in to save me! I had some dental surgery and now I’m a new dog! I live every day to the fullest and keep myself busy sniffing and exploring the yard. I have some hearing and visual impairments, but I still get around great. My sniffer works just fine and I’m guaranteed to sniff out all the tasty treats you want to give me. After spending some time in the sunshine, I’d love to curl up next to you for a nap and some gentle pets. I get along great with other canines and would love to have a friend in the house. I’m a pretty quiet and easy-going guy and I could help you slow down and enjoy life, just like I do! My foster mom says I’m “adorable, loveable and elegantly aged.” Isn’t that nice of her?! A lot of people think those young pups are cute and I don’t disagree…I’m just saying that if you spend some time with ME, I bet you’ll find me pretty darn cute too!