Matilda, Boxer Puppy

Matilada2Meet Matilda.

This four month old beauty was rescued with a broken femur from a shelter in Tucson. Matilda was taken to a vet in the area for xrays of a leg injury, then surrendered to the shelter. We don’t have much information on her history, other than that. 🙁

Our initial x-rays are a bit puzzling: the break is maybe three days old, but the location of the break in the femur isn’t what we expected. In addition, the bone looks odd, possibly Valley Fever? We will be working closely with our partner vet for a diagnosis and treatment for Matilda.

In the meantime, Matilda is being kept comfortable in a loving foster home with pain medication. This girl is just the absolute sweetest and so full of kisses and cuddles! We will keep everyone updated on Matilda’s journey with M.A.I.N.

Please, if you are able, donate to Matilda’s medical care via PayPal below. Every little bit counts- Thank You!


Matilda’s Updates:

Matilda has been adopted! Congrats to Matilda and her furever mom!

Matilda, MayMatilda Update, May 2016: Matilda is doing great in foster! She is bearing more and more weight on her injured leg…AND gaining weight. Matilda came to us pretty skinny, but is looking better and better every day. Her foster family says she is a “darter, a farter and a barker” lol- but of course, they are absolutely in love with her! 😉

Matilda Update, April 2016: So it looks like Matilda’s fracture is much older than we thought. Our vet says it is at least three weeks old, which is completely different then what the family who surrendered her to the vet told them. That’s why the xrays looked so odd and why she was far less painful than we expected. She is cocci negative (meaning no Valley Fever), which was the only other possibility for such odd looking bone. They took more rads today while she was under anesthesia and our vet can’t even move the bone. 🙁 It appears that there was something wrapped around her leg and what likely happened, was she got caught in something and fell, causing the fracture to the femur in such an odd spot. We will send the xrays to a specialist for further eval. For now, Matilda has good range of motion and our vet wants to give her a couple weeks and see how she does since it’s already begun to heal. So it may heal fine without intervention. If not, and the specialist can’t repair it, we will have no choice but to amputate her leg. 🙁