Markie, Chihuahua Mix

Markie3Meet Markie.

Markie was rescued from the county shelter with a terrible case of Demodex Mange. Obviously, this little guy was not adoptable in this condition and needed a rescue to help him get him out of the shelter and into a vet for care…enter M.A.I.N!

A wonderful foster home has stepped up for Markie and now, he will only know love from here on out. Markie will recover in his foster home while he learns what it means to be healthy and a part of a family.

As Mange is often a secondary infection, we will be getting him to our partner vet asap for a full bloodwork panel and eval. Markie will be started on antibiotics and medicated shampoo. We cannot wait to see this little guy all healed up!

We will be sure to keep everyone updated on Markie’s progress. Please, if you are able, help us with his medical care via PayPal below. Thank You!

Markie’s Updates:

Markie was officially adopted by his foster family! Congrats to all!

Markie in foster1Markie’s Adoptapet Bio: Hi all, I’m Markie and this is my story…So I don’t know exactly where I came from, but I have a feeling it was NOT a good place. I know that because now I am in a good place – and safe. I am one lucky little pup, and those nice folks at M.A.I.N. got me out of the shelter just in time. It was the beginning of January and I didn’t have any hair – so I was freezing all the time. Well my foster scooped me up, took me home and got to work right away making me better. And I am better! I have a beautiful, warm coat of fur all over! Not only do I have fur, but I have a house full of pup buddies who are the best pals. I especially like cuddling up with all of them for our afternoon nap (hey, it’s exhausting running around the yard and playing with my buds all day…). I’m learning to like my humans too, but since life up to this point has been so tough it’s taking me a little while to warm up to everyone, but I’m getting better with every minute. I’m not a very big guy, but I’m sweet and am starting to enjoy curling up with my fosters. Gee, I can just see us now, going for walks, hanging out and watching movies, eating snacks and just generally enjoying life. OK, once upon a time my life was hard, but that was then and this is now. All I need is my forever family to sit back with me and smell the roses. Boy, what a wonderful life we will have! Can’t wait to meet you!

Markie, MarchMarkie Update, Feb. 2016: Markie is doing great now! He loves to run and play with the big dogs and cuddle with his foster mom!

From Markie’s foster family, Jan. 2016: No tail wags yet but he’ll sit content for hours and we love our time outdoors together. The minute I set him down though, he runs to what he considers a safety zone, but he lets me pick him right up. Progress! He eats a ton….and doesn’t scratch which surprises me, with the severity of his mange. Is fine with my dogs…no issues at all here.