Maisey, Pit Bull Terrier Mix

Meet Maisey.

Maisey2-4There’s not too much we can say about Maisey…her pictures say it all. She was found as a stray in this horrible condition; her paw deformed, extremely emaciated and without a glimmer of hope in her eyes. We know it’s hard for you to look at these pictures. It’s hard for us too. But if we don’t help her, who will? Soon Maisey’s new life will began; we will be transporting her to our vet in Phoenix for treatment and from there, she will heal in a loving foster home. Maisey’s road will be long and her medical care costly. Please, help Maisey by sharing her pictures and story and as always, if you are able,  donate to her medical fund by clicking the Pay Pal link below. We can’t thank you enough. Together, we will re-write Maisey’s story!

Notes from county: Approx. 5 months old. Very emaciated but active, front right leg appears deformed. BCS 1/5 ( 3 ideal).  Front right leg is deformed and shrunken. Volunteers report she is very sweet and friendly, but shy.



Maisey’s Updates:

Maisey has officially been adopted by her foster family, who couldn’t bear to part with her. We are so happy for this sweet girl and her fur-ever family!

DSC08373Check out this PAWsome article “Life With Dogs” wrote about Maisey- Click Here!

Maisey’s Petfinder bio: “Hi! I’m Maisey, a petite Pittie mix with a BIG story! Just over a month ago, I was brought in as a stray to the county pound in horrible condition. I hadn’t eaten in a really long time, so I was extremely thin and my leg was deformed and unable to be walked on. Because of my severe condition, I was unadoptable and would have been put down at the pound if M.A.I.N. hadn’t stepped up to save me! Unfortunately my leg required amputation, but I’m doing GREAT as a triPAWd and have gained lots of healthy weight. I’m ready to find my fur-ever home and don’t you worry- I may have a sad story, but I am NOT a sad girl!
Foster mom says I’m a social butterfly because I just love everyone I meet and they love me too. I get along with people of all ages, including children, but due to my activity level, should meet small kids prior to being adopted. Having just three legs does not slow ME down! In fact, I love to run and play with my doggy friends and would love to have a doggy sibling in my fur-ever home. I’m a very smart girl too and am already housetrained and know “sit, stay and lay down” I hope that impresses you because I’m very eager to please and I think we could be great friends! Most importantly, I have a heart of gold and would love to be your new cuddle buddy.

DSC07524From Maisey’s foster family, June 9th: It has been just a bit over one month with Maisey and she looks incredible! She had her staples out on Friday and was cleared for adoption. Maisey is a great dog, I love her very much. Thank you M.A.I.N. for getting her out of county. I look at her old pictures from there and cant believe she was ever there in the first place.

Update on Maisey, May 28th: Maisey had successful amputation surgery today and after an overnight stay at the vet, will recover in her wonderful foster home.

Medical Update, May 20th: Maisey’s labs were unremarkable and she will be scheduled for surgery to remove her deformed leg in the next week or so.

From Maisey’s foster mom, May 20th: She is doing awesome! She is gaining weight and acting like a crazy puppy, which I just love! She went to the park for the first time on Friday and everyday since then (I had to wait two weeks because of her Parvo shot) She still tires pretty easily, but she loves people at the park and she gets a lot of attention and she eats that right up! I personally think Maisey is an incredibly beautiful dog. But the first time yesterday someone at the park noticed how beautiful she was instead of her leg…I was sooooo proud!

Medical Update on Maisey, May 6th: The vet did x-rays and discovered the leg is a congenital defect and will require amputation once she is well enough for surgery. They also did a ProDog blood panel, so we  should have some preliminary results by Tuesday this week.

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