Lil’ Bear, Poodle Puppy

Lil Bear2Meet Lil’ Bear.

Lil’ Bear’s condition is a mystery to us. How did a 10 week old puppy weighing just seven pounds, end up injured on the side of the road? Was she hit by a car? Was she thrown from a moving vehicle? Did someone harm her and cruelly abandon her to a fate unknown?

What makes this story even more puzzling is the fact that another Poodle puppy was found just down the road with similar injuries!

Lil’ Bear has a suspected pelvic fracture and a possible broken rear leg or dislocated hip. She can walk, but not normally and tucks her leg under so she doesn’t have to use it.

The Humane Society of Yuma sent out a rescue plea and M.A.I.N. stepped up for both these young pups. Lil’ Bear and Millie are SAFE with the M.A.I.N. family now! Most importantly Millie and Lil’ Bear will learn to forget the pain and cruelty their short lives have held so far, while they heal in loving foster homes.

Lil Bear's xraysMedical Update, March 7th: Lil Bear has a fractured pelvis through the acetabulum. At this time she needs cage rest and pain medications since she is ambulatory. She may need an FHO surgery down the road but it’s too early to tell at this point.

Please, if you are able, donate to Lil’ Bear’s medical care chip in fund via PayPal by clicking the link below. The dogs only have us and we only have YOU! Thank You!

Lil’ Bear’s Updates:

We are so happy and excited to report that Lil’ Bear and Millie were adopted together!

ADOPTED!Update July 24th: Lil’ Bear and her (suspected) sister, Millie were adopted TOGETHER! A lovely lady flew all the way from out of state to take these two sweet girls home. Congrats Lil’ Bear and Millie on your wonderful fur-ever!

From Lil’ Bear’s foster: Lil’ Bear is a LOVE! She has the sweetest, most loving and lovable personality. She loves people, especially children, and other dogs. She has not been around cats but I believe she would be excellent with them as she loves all. She was inquisitive with our backyard turtle, but now she is comfortable with her. She is smart and easily trained. Seemingly instinctively she knew what “no” meant the first time I said it to her and she promptly complied. She is very playful with other dogs and loves her toys. Our dog, Furgie, is a rescue we got in January of 2012. Since being a member of our family, Furgie has never played with toys. In fact, she cowars from them. Lil’ Bear has been very good for Furgie. She taught her toys are not to be feared. While Furgie still will not play with toys she now will walk through and on them, and even smell them. Believe me this is a big improvement. Lil’ Bear had also broken through Furgie’s resistance and they are now playmates and I notice Furgie is much better with other dogs. I have learned that Lil’ Bear is not overly fond of water. She tolerates her bath but it is not her favorite event. Car rides are mellow events for her. She enjoys them but will quietly sit in her car-seat and look around, sometimes she will just go to sleep. She does very well on a leash and harness. First time out on a leash she did very well and did not mind it one bit. Her greatest joys are people and playing (with toys, people, and other dogs). One of her favorite toys is an empty tuna can. She commandeered it and made it her own. She loves tossing and chasing it. I believe she likes the noise it makes. Every day she keeps us laughing at her antics. She is beautiful and joyful!

Lil Bear13Update on Lil’ Bear, March 26th: Lil’ Bear is FANTASTIC. She is stronger every day. She is still getting plenty of rest. Even when out of her crate and she is tired, she likes to be in her bed which is next to my chair, or in my lap.

Update on Lil’ Bear, March 16th: Lil Bear had her first actual outing today. She and our dog, Furgie, went to Petco for some pet supplies. We were there about an hour and she rode in the shopping cart, in her car seat. She enjoyed all the activity. She loved it when people asked if they could pet her. If someone went past without noticing her she woofed at them, if that still didn’t get their attention she then W O O F E D! This usually got their attention. She did NOT like it if someone gave Furgie attention and not her, usually because they just hadn’t seen her in the cart basket. Lil Bear was very tuckered out and feel asleep before we left Petco. She slept all the way home, cuddled my shoulder like a baby would while I carried her into the house. She then took a nice long nap in her crate.

From Lil’ Bear’s foster family, March 8th: Lil Bear is a dear. She is so sweet and loves to cuddle. She has toileted several times outside. The only problem we are having is if I walk away for a moment she follows like a shadow. She is very much a lap-sitter. So far, so good!

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