Laverne, Chihuahua Mix

LennyMeet Laverne.

Laverne was languishing at the west valley shelter with no hope to speak of…

The M.A.I.N. team happened to be at the shelter transporting another dog when we saw Laverne.

We saw a dog who’s fur had fallen out almost everywhere. A dog who looked as if she had lost all hope. A dog who’s eyes looked directly at you and pleaded for help.

So Laverne is now the latest member of the MAIN Family!  Please welcome her and help her if you’re able to by donating to her medical chip in fund via PayPal below. Thank you!



Laverne’s Updates:

Laverne is looking for a special family that loves her just the way she is! She will require special meds and diet for her allergies but is otherwise healthy! Laverne is approx 5 years old and her adoption fee is $50. Fee includes spay, micro-chip, county license and all shots utd. Email us at medicalanimalsinneed@gmail.com for more info!

Laverne, March 16thUpdate on Laverne, March 16, 2014: Laverne was out sun bathing this morning, so I snapped a few pictures. As you can see, she is growing some fur. Dr. Katie has her on a strict diet (no snacking) and a few medications, pus Vitamin E and Fish Oil. She is doing much better. She still scratches but not to the point of bleeding. She is truly such a happy little girl. She does her “Vernie” dance when I come home from work. She balances on her back legs and shakes her front paws up and down! She loves to lay on me while watching TV and will turn around and reach up to give me kisses!! She gets along with everyone (4 and 2 legged) that comes over to the house. She even will share the couch with our kitty, who can be a little grumpy! At night, she does the “seal” before going to sleep under the covers. She lays on her belly, tucks her two front legs to the side and pushes with her hind legs! It is so funny. She is such a cutie!!

Update on Laverne, May 26th 2013: Laverne had a very good check up at BAH. Her fur is still growing in and Dr. Miller is hoping that the itchies will subside within the next couple of weeks! Vernie did get the green light to go swimming and have oatmeal baths – so guess what she will be doing this afternoon! (If I can get her and her “sisters” out of bed)

Laverne sunbathing!Medical update on Laverne, April 20th, 2013: Laverne’s blood tests are looking good, so the next guess is severe allergies. She is not ready to be tested yet, but would need to go to a dermatologist for that. Her skin looks way better, is more flexible and not sticky anymore. So, she has three “hot spots” for her itching – her paws, her ears and her bottom.

From Laverne’s foster mom, April 15th, 213: Laverne is a sunbather! She is settling in nicely and has stopped following me all the time. She is free in the house like she’s lived here ages. My dogs seem to see it the same way! If I’m looking for her, I know where to find her…lying in the sun!

From Laverne’s foster mom, April 12th, 2013: Laverne had an itchy night and an itchy morning, but just calmed down and fell asleep by my feet. Her skin still smells a lot. It feels like I would imagine the skin of an elephant. I´m surprised that it not bloody after all the scratching. I can touch her and I take a towel and scrub her, she seems to like it. But she is very sensitive with mild contact such like a fly. She walks with us without problems for about 20 min. She is extremely food motivated. She is warming up with the big ones, but still thinks, I’m hers…. (we will work on that!)


Laverne stopped by for our Summer-time Photo Shoot at Don’s house!

She was a super sweet girl; a little shy, but she warmed right up once you held her. We LOVE the beautiful color of her eyes and the eye contact she makes with the camera!

Laverne stopped by for our holiday photo shoot! We always love seeing this girl and the camera loves her too!

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