Julienne, Lab Mix

Meet Julienne.

Julienne3This is the second time this week we have seen a Lab mix puppy in such horrible condition at our county pound.

First Chopper, now Julienne, who we suspect is Chopper’s litter-mate due to their condition, resemblance and general area they were brought in from.

Can you imagine? Brother and sister left in this devastating condition.

Julienne’s fur has fallen out from Mange and her skin is crusted and swollen. Her eyes are almost closed shut from discharge and she can’t stop itching.

We hate seeing a dog in such a miserable state, but we know things will start looking up for Julienne now that she’s safe with M.A.I.N!

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Julienne’s Updates:

Julienne has been adopted! We are so happy for her and her fur-ever family!

Julienne's beautiful eyesFrom Julienne’s foster, Sept. 30th: We had a Girl Scout troop meeting at our house and had over 10 kids running around and at least six adults. Julienne did great!! I was shocked by how friendly and not scared she was. Although she is timid at times, she did incredible with a large amount of people, which included some wild kids! I am pretty sure we can say she is good with cats too…very gentle and zero desire to chase, just wants to hang out.

From Julienne’s foster mom, Aug. 6th: While playing with Julienne this morning, I realized just how lucky some family is going to be to have her as part of their life. She is sweet, eager to please, happy with other dogs both large and small (her fur-friends range from 95-lb Sully at one end to 20-pound Wizzie at the other), can either be bossed around (just ask Snappy) or be the boss (ask Wizzie), happy to be alone with her people, loves to ride in the car, is kennel trained, plays well with the babies, who are both under a year old, and is becoming so full of just general puppy-cuteness its ridiculous. The only thing I don’t know about is how she is with cats, since there are none around here. If I didn’t have a strict two-dog limit I would keep her…but I promised.

Update on Julienne, July 27th: Julienne had a two-week checkup at the vet yesterday, and has gained three more pounds… she is 29 pounds now. Her skin infection is cleared up, so in two weeks she will have a busy day at the vet- getting spayed, having a second (hopefully still negative) skin scrape, and getting microchipped. She actually walked into the office on a leash and didn’t cower under the furniture this time. We met two little chihuahuas and a cat; she was pretty nonchalant about all of them.

Julienne even loves cats!Update on Julienne, July 7th: Julienne is growing up every day. Stamina is her new trick! She and Snappy run all over the property like crazy dogs. Snappy loves it because Sully is slow and always gives up where Julienne never does. Then when they are done they nap so nicely. Her other new tricks include a) hiding by Sully when she knows she is in trouble and b) eating from a fork. 😉

Update on Julienne, June 22nd: Julienne had her second checkup at BAH yesterday. She has only gained 1/2 pound, but the doc says she looks great and some dogs just aren’t “food motivated.” Her ear infection is gone, the swelling is gone, and parts of her skin have really cleared up.

Julienne! July 30thUpdate from Julienne’s foster family, June 19th: Julienne has her second appointment at BAH on Friday. She is sleeping in her kennel at night with no accidents, and hasn’t pooped in the house since the second or third day she was here. She is getting pretty good about peeing outside; she started right outside the door and is gradually working her way to the back behind the garage where the other dogs go. She is so cute, because she will start to run with them in the morning, but can’t quite make it so she will pee a little on the way and then run to the gravel and finish. Today she sat for the first time for her treat. It was pretty cute. She plays with the other dogs, but one is so big and the other is super enthusiastic, so they run right over her sometimes and scare her a little. Once she gets some weight on her it will be better. She doesn’t eat a lot; when I feed her there is always a little bit left, and then she finishes it as a ‘snack.’ She howls when she is separated from people or her doggie buddies, and always wants to choose her sleeping spot before the others get theirs.

From Julienne’s foster mom, June 10th: Julienne is back from the vet. She now has antibiotics, ear wash, Mange medicine, and Mange shampoo. She needed to sit in mom’s lap after a long day! Her skittishness is getting better- treats help. I have to be very still and wait for her to come to me, although she acts like she’s been around the other dogs forever.


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