Julep, Cairn Terrier Mix

Meet Julep!

Julep1This adorable girl has had it pretty rough lately…with multiple injuries and trouble walking, it is suspected Julep was hit by a car. Because of her injuries, she was scheduled to be euthanized. Despite her misfortunes, Julep still manages a few tail wags for her rescuers when they approach the cage. We like to think it’s because Julep knows things are finally looking up…she knows today is the first day of her new life. Julep will be taken to our partner vet for evaluation and treatment and will recover in a loving foster home. We don’t yet know the extent of her injuries, but as always, we will keep everyone updated on her progress!






Julep’s Updates:

Friends, this has been a truly tough week for the M.A.I.N. family. We lost yet another precious soul last night. Little Julep had a lot of issues going on, and every time we thought she had turned a corner, there was something else. She had been at the hospital for the last couple of days recieving fluids and medication after bloodwork showed that she was in kidney failure. Last night she crashed, and although the vets and their team worked feverishly to revive her, it wasn’t meant to be and sweet Julep crossed over the Bridge. She is now free from pain and the damage that neglect had inflicted on her little body. We are heartbroken as is her foster mama Jen. We asked Jen for permission to post this photo of her and Julep, taken one night as Jen sat down by her bed to cuddle with her before bedtime. This photo is beautiful and really personifies the bond and the love that a dog and her human shared. Rest in Peace, Julep.

Julep and JenUpdate on Julep, April 10th: Julep has been having a rough time- she became lethargic and started having trouble breathing, so her foster mom rushed her to the vet. From Julep’s foster mom: I stopped by today on my way home to visit her and had a nice chat with Dr. Miller. Julep was so anxious and worked up her temp got up to 105 degrees because of anxiety, so they had to sedate her…We both agreed it would be better for Julep not to see me.

She is still On IV fluids and her breathing seems to be better. Dr. Miller confirmed that due to kidney failure, Julep was in Metabolic Acidosis and trying to compensate by blowing off C02 with increased labored respirations (people do the same thing). So she is breathing better since she is getting flushed out. She MAY be able to come home on Friday. The vet wants her on IVF for several days non stop.

Dr.Miller also said that Kidney Damage may not be able to be fixed (I was afraid of this). I asked in this case if she would have a life of quality. She said there is a medication that may work but it is very expensive. If that was not an option, Julep may need to receive Sub Q IVF approx every two to three days. I ask if this would let her live a quality life and she said some dogs live a happy normal life for about five years on SQ IVF. So Julep’s Forever’s are going to have to be very special people who do not mind the commitment.

From Julep’s foster mom, March 30th: Julep says being deaf has it’s advantages:

1. I can snooze through mom’s early morning alarm clock screaming by my bed!

2. All the other dogs think I am SO brave walking by the vacuum cleaner as mom cleans…pssshhhh, bunch of chickens!

3. Water doesn’t get in my ears during bath time!

4. I have a super nose that can smell mommy trying to sneak a snack from miles away!


1. That dang cat came out of NOWHERE! <GROWL!!>

Julep!From Julep’s foster mom, March 28th: She greets me at the door with my other two when I get home from my 14 hr day, she wags her little tail so hard and “talks” to me (I call her baby chubaca because of the funny little noises she makes) she gets so excited, she takes my hand in her mouth…does not bite down, she just holds it and then gives me tons of kisses before rolling over for a belly rub. Switched up some of her medications so hoping the nasal drainage and coughing fits start to go away. She ate tonight better than she has in a long time. On the plus side, she is down two pounds!

Update from Julep’s foster mom, March 18th: Honestly I have NEVER seen a dog so scared! She cried, no- wailed the entire way home and just shook all over. Horrible thing is the vet said she is deaf and can only hear a little, so it was hard to soothe her. They say she had a prior surgery to seal her ear canals off due to infections. I tried to hold her on my lap the best I could, but she was so anxious. She looked up at me a couple times and gave me two kisses on the face…(I melted). She has a slight limp, but the vet said no broken bones. Introduction to the boys went well. They did so good with her, accepted her right in. It’s amazing because now that she is around my two dogs, it’s like she senses that its a safe place. She ate with them, went exploring in the backyard and now is lying in one of their beds chewing on a bone. The crying has stopped and she wags her tail non-stop. She has the cutest little bark-  little “off,” and the vet said it’s because she cannot hear well…I’m so happy how well she is adjusting and calming down!

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