Joey, Pit Bull Terrier Puppy

JoeyMeet Joey.

Joey was rushed to our partner vet’s office from the county shelter this past week, after a contact of ours saw him being turned into the shelter in this inconceivable condition…

With his eye bulging out of the socket, Joey would have been euthanized for his injuries- at six weeks old, his short life ending in tragedy and pain.

We couldn’t let that happen and although Joey’s eye is too far gone to be saved, Joey will have an amazing life from here on out.

We will keep everyone update on Joey’s progress. Please, if you are able, donate to Joey’s medical care chip in fund below. The dogs only have us, and we only have you! Thank You!


Joey’s Updates:

Joey has been adopted! Congrats to Joey and his new fur-ever family!

Joey meets a friendFrom Joey’s foster mom: Joey is healing great. He plays like nothing ever happened to him! He’s a great pup. Well behaved in the kennel, never makes a sound and goes in when I say go  to bed. He’s definitely a puppy and teething so needs lots of toys or he will use his human lol. Gets along well with other animals and kids- he’s currently in a home with four other dogs, a free roaming rabbit, a ferret and three boys. He’s quiet and well socialized. I can take him through the hallways of the school and he doesn’t bark at the people walking by. He’s well behaved for car rides. He’s still a young pup, so we are still potty training. His one eye doesn’t slow him down a bit although a few times he does bump into things to his left along the way, lol.

joeyJoey’s Bio: Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!!!! Life has really changed in just a week. I have friends now. Lots of them. I have three new kiddie playmates (that’s good ‘cause I’m just a little pup myself). We run around and around and around and then we all just snuggle up and take a nap. I think my foster mom likes that. Hey, did I tell you I have a bunny? She runs around loose with me and every once in a while when I get a little too crazy she will give me a nip. She doesn’t really mean it, just teaching me my manners. Did I tell you about my ferret friend? Great pal. He’s also best friends with the rabbit, so we all get to play together. Now all we need is a kitty. I bet I would really like a kitty…Oh, oh, oh I almost forgot my besties! I have three other little dog buddies here I can play with all day and they love, love, love running around with me. They are my size now, but my foster mom tells me when I grow up I’m going to be a big boy. It doesn’t matter, I will still love everyone because that’s just the kind of dog I am. Did I tell you what happened to me? When the humans at M.A.I.N. found me, one of my eyes had a really bad boo-boo; in fact, it was hanging out secondary to some sort of trauma. Unfortunately, my eye couldn’t be saved, but I don’t let that slow me down. Now that I’m all healed up, I feel sooooo much better! I would love to tell you more about me, but I’m getting kind of pooped out- I think I need a nap. Time to go find one of my buddies to curl up with…I’m hoping maybe one day that will be YOU!

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