Jeffery, Chihuahua Mix

Jeffery's injured tailMeet Jeffery.

Jeffery is a three year old Chihuahua mix- one of the many hundreds of Chihuahua mixes who was available for adoption at the county shelter. Unfortunately, Jeffery kept getting overlooked by passersby, so he waited…and waited…until a horrible accident happened one day…

The guillotine door that closes the inside of the kennel from the outside was accidently released onto Jeffery’s tail! Jeffery’s tail was partially severed and the bone is exposed.

This dog who was strong enough to survive the stressful shelter environment for months suddenly wasn’t in adoptable condition anymore. We knew we had to help Jeffery! We have already had him evaluated at our partner vet who recommends further amputation of the tail as the bone is exposed, which puts him at risk for infection and further complications.

While we are so sorry for the accident that led Jeffery to us, we are happy to welcome him to M.A.I.N and excited to help him find his fur-ever eventually.

Please, if you are able, donate to Jeffery’s surgical fund via PayPal below. As always, we will keep everyone updated on his progress. Thank You!

Jeffery’s Updates:

Jefferey has recovered from surgery on his tail and is now officially available for adoption! Adoption fee is $150 and includes shots up to date, neuter, microchip and county license. If you’re interested in meeting Jeffery, please fill out our adoption application by clicking here!

Jeffery nappingA note from Jeffery (okay, his foster mom wrote it for him lol): Hi everyone Jeffery here…just wanted to check in and say I’m doing good in foster but am still waiting for my forever home! I know I make it very difficult to get adopted because I’m not so good at adoption events as I tend to get a bit stressed…BUT I really am a very nice little Chi boy! I’m very loyal and all I want is a spot near you. I don’t require a lot- maybe a couple Nyla bones, a squeaky toy and some Cheerios. ….looooove Cheerios! 😉 I’m crate trained if my foster parents go away and at bedtime. I wouldn’t mind if my new mom or dad were a bit older, maybe retired and I could handle being the only dog as I can be a bit selfish for attention. I’m not high energy and don’t require a lot of rough-house play…I just want to be your BFF!”

Jeffery’s Adoptapet Bio: “Jeffrey here, just writing to say hello and tell you a little bit about my life so far! So, I was at the pound, waiting to be adopted, minding my own business when whap – somehow my tail got caught in the guillotine door of the kennel, severing part of it. I’d already been at the pound for months and unfortunately after my injury, they couldn’t adopt me out in this condition. Luckily, everyone kept their heads and I was taken in by those nice folks at M.A.I.N. who made sure I got the vet care I needed. I had surgery on my tail; fast forward a few weeks and I’m all better! Well, uhhhh, I am missing just a bit of my tail, but I can live with that. Maybe they should rename me “Stumpy.” 😉 Personally, I think my accident was a blessing in disguise. I got to go to my beautiful foster mom’s house to recover. And guess what — she has dogs – and I get to play with them. Boy, is that great. Yep, I’m learning that life on the ‘outside’ is pretty great. Guess I’m just becoming a regular dog. Gee, you know, I get to play with squeaky toys and get lots of treats when I do well on my training. OK, I don’t really know about big dogs, but I do get along with the smaller ones (probably because I’m kinda small too). Plus, if I come to your house, I promise I will never ‘go’ inside. I’m a perfect gentleman when it comes to being potty trained. Don’t have a dog door? No problem. I will let you know when I need to use the great outdoors. I also know how to relax in my crate, so that shouldn’t be a worry. And best of all, I’m mastering the art of walking on a leash. Guess my talents know no bounds! I bet you could show me some new ones though. Who knows, the sky’s the limit. Maybe I’m the next Wonder Dog. It sure would be wonderful if you were the next Wonder Home! Looking forward to meeting you! I am neutered, up to date on vaccinations, microchipped and come with my County license. My adoption fee is $150.”

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