Hope, Papillon Mix

Hope9Meet Hope.

An appropriate name for a little dog that needed just that…HOPE that someone would see her for the adorable dog she is and not just her malformed leg.

HOPE that someone would step up to rescue her from the county pound and get her the vet care she so desperately needs.

HOPE that someone would love her until the end instead of abandoning her as her previous “family” did.

M.A.I.N. and a wonderful foster stepped up to give Hope all these things she so deserves and now we’re calling on YOU all to help us share her pictures and story.

Please, if you are able, donate to Hope’s medical care chip-in fund by clicking the Pay Pal link at the bottom of the page. Thank You!


Hope’s Updates:

Hope has been adopted! Congrats to our beautiful TriPAWd and her fur-ever family!

Hope's new famiyFrom Hope’s new family: “She’s almost too good! She’s a little daddy’s girl. She is all over me, staring at me, leaning, putting all her weight on me when laying down, follows me EVERYWHERE. Gets mad when I stop petting her. Slept like a baby on our bed last night. She loves all her toys and blankets. I could go on and on. It’s like we’ve had her for years already.”

A note on Hope from her foster mom: Hope has a special tripawd walking harness, and she has made progress learning to walk on a leash. She gets along great with the dogs in her foster home, and would do well as either an only dog, or with other balanced dogs. We don’t know about cats, as I don’t have a cat. Hope is smart and sensitive, and learns quickly. She does not bark unless she has a reason. Hope would do best in a single level home with a securely fenced yard. She loves to sunbathe outdoors and loves to sit and cuddle with her person and watch TV. She thrives on human attention. She loves to sleep with her person too. Children in the home should be older. Hope is housebroken, and hasn’t had a single accident in the home. She needs a home that is loving and understanding of all she has been through, but also one that can be Hope’s pack leader as she continues to blossom and learn about life. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed having her, but now it is time for Hope to find her forever home!

Hope!Update on Hope, Sept. 10th: Hope’s touch sensitivity improves daily. I am now able to totally scoop her up, which makes us both very happy! She is getting back to her old self – yeah! You can see how she runs with her right rear leg still kicking up and when she is at rest, the leg is still out like an anchor. Dr. Andre thinks it is habit from when the amputated leg used to be in the way.

Update on Hope, Aug. 28th: Hope is moving better today. She trots around just fine, it’s being touched that she has the problem with. Today I was able to pick her up without too much trouble. She still looks to me for comfort, crawls in my lap, wants her massage and gives me kisses. Every day is a little bit better, and I have no doubt Hope will get through this. She is a very special girl who is worth it all!

Hope's special harnessUpdate on Hope, Aug. 23rd from her foster mom: Hope is home from the hospital! Her surgery went well. Her right front leg was twisted at a 90 degree angle. Dr. Andre said she either had a fractured humerus (upper arm) at the shoulder that was never repaired, or possibly even had a birth defect. Right now she is hypersensitive to touch, although she did roll over for a belly rub. I am going to lay down with her for a bit and see if she will calm down. She gets her staples out in 10-14 days. Now she needs TLC, time, and rest. Poor girl has been through so much.

Update on Hope, July 15th from her foster mom: Hope is trying to hop in my lap and take her treats. She never wanted treats until now. She is hopping all over the yard- such energy I have never seen in her! I am realizing that she didn’t feel well from the beginning, but with her limited mobility, we did not her know her baseline energy level. Her cough is minimal. She is even eating her dry food, something she never liked before. It does my heart good to have her by my side!

Update on Hope from her foster mom, July 12th: HOPE IS SAFE AND SOUND BACK AT HER FOSTER HOME! She is happy to be trotting around in her yard again. There is a pep in her step that I’ve never seen, which tells me she may have been getting ill from the beginning. With the difficulty she has getting around, it is hard to assess her. Apparently her diagnosis was a bad cold. She has been through a lot of stress recently! She is still facing a leg amputation, when she has recovered from her illness. She is on two different kinds of antibiotics. With everything she has been through, I think she is a trooper. She has stayed sweet, always loving her belly rubs.

Hope loves her foster mom!Update on Hope, July 9th from her foster mom: PAWSITIVE THOUGHTS AND WELL WISHES FOR HOPE PLEASE. Hope will be staying at Bethany Animal Hospital for aggressive IV antibiotics and fluids. I have had Hope almost two weeks, and over these past few days, she started getting lethargic. She seemed to enjoy my attention and would eat with encouragement, but had less and less energy to do anything. Late last night, she spiked a fever of 103.9 and started with a hacking cough. I was able to get the fever down at that time. This morning, her temp was 104.6. I placed a wet towel on her and the temp came down again. Off to Bethany Animal Hospital we went. There is suspicion of Kennel Cough or Bordetella on top of either Valley Fever or Tick Fever. I have had two other fosters with these same symptoms, and they had Tick Fever. Tick fever is much easier to treat than Valley Fever, so paws crossed. Her lab work will be back tomorrow and then we’ll know for sure. In the meantime, please keep Hope in your thoughts and prayers. I HOPE to have her back with me on Friday.

From Hope’s foster mom, July 2nd: Hope is a wonderful little gal. She is housebroken, and I am sure she is part Border Collie. She has the looks of a Border Collie and she also has the Cattle Dog “stare.” She meets new dogs with her “stare,” which is really interesting to watch. She tried to run in my yard, but fell down, due to her bum leg bumping her back leg. Her back legs are so far apart to keep her balance. Her surgery is in eight days. It will be awesome to help her learn to walk as a tripod, free of her useless leg. I wonder if the leg could have been repaired, if attended to by her prior owner right after it was injured.

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