Harley, Schnauzer mix

Meet Harley.

Harley is a senior dog who was rescued from county with mats, ticks and a huge testicular tumor…

Estimated at 15 years old by the county staff (Dr. Katie estimates approx 11 years old), he has a large tumor on his right testicle, he’s virtually blind, and an increase in his Estrogen level is causing significant hair loss. Through it all, Harley is a kind and sweet soul and no dog should leave a life behind on a county’s euthanasia table. Harley’s family owed him more than that. So, we’ve brought Harley in to our family…The M.A.I.N. Family. Harley’s first stop will be Bethany Animal Hospital where Dr. Katie Andre will take care of the more serious problems that Harley has.

Update from Dr. Katie: Harley’s tumor is a sertoli cell tumor, his hormones should go back to normal, and it’s not malignant! He’s so different now that he’s not so “weighed down.” He is doing great, but he’ll need lessons from Magoo as he appears to be blind as a bat. He may see some light/dark shadows but that’s about it. He’ll need to be on antibiotics for a few days (he’s on them now) and he needs a dental desperately as well as surgery on the other end. We’re trying to get it all over with at once. After Harley’s medical treatments, I can see no reason that this sweet boy can’t live the rest of his life with a wonderful family. It’s what he deserves, after all. He’s SUCH a good boy and he LOVES to just lie next to us and enjoy some company.

Harley’s Updates:

We are happy to announce Harley will be staying with his foster dad! Harley is loving life with his new dad and his doggy siblings.

Handsome Harley!A note on Harley, June 19th: Harley’s foster brother IttyBitty is his seeing eye Chihuahua and his best bud. He gets around so well, even in new surroundings as long as he takes his time he doesn’t bump into everything. He’s a dream on the leash and just a soft tug the way you want him to go to avoid obstacles is all it takes. People are surprised sometimes to find out he’s blind.

Update 7/13 from Harley’s foster, Frank: Harley asked me to send you this email because he says he is too busy. Anyway as you can see he has settled in to life at my house quite well. My other dogs all like him and even look out for him when he gets disoriented in the back yard (don’t worry its walled & fenced). He is slowly but surely regrowing fur in the areas he lost it so hopefully he will have a full coat by the cooler weather. He is doing well enjoying his doggie retirement years. He seems to be happy and gets playful occasionally. He is house broken. He goes to the back door and gives a single bark when he has to go out.

Update 6/25 from Harley’s foster, Frank: One of Frank’s dogs has become Harley’s seeing eye dog of sorts and helps steer him in the right direction if he seems lost. Frank says he’s learning his way around the house and yard quite well and sometimes he really has to think to remember he can’t see.


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