Harlee, Lab Mix Puppy

Harlee at rescueMeet Harlee.

Harlee is a two month old Lab mix puppy who needed an immediate outlet from the county shelter. She was initially brought in as a stray with an obvious injury to her face.

Initially, we weren’t sure what caused these injuries or how severe they are, but we were sure that Harlee wasn’t adoptable in this condition and needed a rescue to step in!

After evaluation, our partner vet thinks these injuries are caused by some sort of bite or trauma. She does not feel any fractures, but there is a healing puncture wound and lots of swelling. Our vet does not believe this injury is new, so who knows how long this poor pup has been this way. 🙁

For now, Harlee is safe in a foster home and getting all the TLC a puppy could ask for! Please, if you are able, donate to Harlee’s medical care via PayPal below. Every little bit counts- Thank You!

Harlee’s Updates:

Harlee has officially been adopted by her foster family! Congrats Harlee!

Harlee in foster6Harlee Update, Feb. 2016 from her foster family: Harlee brings so much joy to our house! She has discovered she likes Sonic ice cubes. Whenever she hears the freezer open, she comes running and sits and waits for her turn to get an ice cube- so darn cute! She’s still taking her antibiotics and nebulizer treatments. Some nights are better than others. We’re still running the vaporizer and putting saline drops in her nose to moisten a bit as well as steam room a couple times a night. She’s a little stuffy during the day, but it doesn’t slow her down- she plays, eats and drinks and naps. She’s growing like a weed and is so much fun!

Harlee Update, Jan. 2016: Harlee’s Xrays do reveal a fracture right underneath her eye on the swollen left side. The good news is, it’s something that should heal on its own so her foster family and our vet will keep a close eye on it and it should not require surgical correction. Harlee also has some congestion/difficulty breathing her amazing foster family is helping her with, by giving her nebulizer treatments and running a humidifier.


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