Hansel Has Been Adopted!

Meet Hansel!

Left in a cardboard box by the front door of our county shelter, and only eight weeks old, Hansel was to be euthanized immediately…

We were horrified to see his injuries and any explanation of how this happened is the stuff our own nightmares are made of.  One of our shelter friends said that it may be possible that a hawk got hold of this little guy…grabbed him and dropped him.  She lives in the country and has seen it before. The cut is so clean you’d swear someone cut this pup with a knife.

Hansel’s Updates: Hansel has made a full recovery from his injuries and has been adopted! Watch the first meeting between Hansel and his new family on the video below.


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  1. Todd Gartman says:

    Let this dog grow to be a strong, trusting, protecting, loving companion of someone that deserves such a soul.

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  2. moortje1991 says:

    Very cute puppy and people are like beast when they are doing this to animals.

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  3. Barbara Ricketts says:

    was that his bone sticking out??? give him lots of hugzzz for me please

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  4. deemua says:

    Awwwww poor baby 🙁

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  5. Don Mertes says:

    No, that is a drainage tube to allow fluid from his wounds to escape from his body.

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  6. moortje1991 says:

    Cute doggies, you are doing a great job.

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  7. johncao2 says:

    cute! what’s the name of the song used? 🙂

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  8. Don Mertes says:

    Sorry! Lucky Guy, by the Belle Brigade

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  10. moortje1991 says:

    Beautiful puppy.

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  11. jasfer3 says:

    What a sweetie !

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  12. xXxJJBxXx5089 says:

    aw 🙂

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