Gonzo, Terrier Mix

Gonzo3Meet Gonzo.

Gonzo is an approximately two year old terrier mix who came into the shelter as a stray.

Looking at Gonzo, you would never know the extent of his injuries; you see an adorable dog who looks like he would have families rushing to adopt him…

Unfortunately Gonzo has a severe medical issue that makes him unadoptable- he is partially paralyzed to both his rear legs. Gonzo would not have been able to leave the shelter without a rescue to get him the vet care he needs and that’s when M.A.I.N. stepped in to help!

Upon evaluation at our partner vet, Gonzo has a confirmed pelvic fracture and will require crate rest and pain medications. The good news is, Gonzo does have bowel/bladder control and has already started to show a little improvement with the help of pain medications.

As always, we will keep everyone updated on Gonzo’s progress as he recovers in a loving foster home. Please consider a donation to help us with Gonzo’s medical care via PayPal link below. Thank You!

Gonzo’s Updates:

Gonzo has been ADOPTED! Congrats to Gonzo and his new fur-ever family!

Gonzo, adoptable!From Gonzo’s foster mom, Aug. 21st: Gonzo is an adorable guy who gets along great with all the dogs in my house, even my cats. He loves attention, He loves to play with his toys. He would love to play with the other dogs but they are older and do not play. He is still a bit shy but we are working on that and his social skills. He is potty trained- he uses the doggie door. He loves to give kisses and snuggle in your arms at night to sleep.

Update on Gonzo, Aug. 10th: Gonzo is adorable and a big puppy- he needs to grow into his feet LOL. He is doing very well and is such a love bug!

From Gonzo’s foster mom, July 9th: Gonzo is such a love bug so happy and it is confirmed he has a broken pelvis, so he will have to stay in a kennel with stronger pain meds. He is adorable and bigger then most of the dogs here, but everyone gets along.

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