Gibbs has been Adopted!

Meet Gibbs! Gibbs was brought in as a stray after being struck by a car.

Gibbs has a broken elbow (of that left front leg), both back legs have severe lacerations, some cuts to his head, neck and back, and that left front leg is a mess. He is skin and bones and will take some time to heal. He thanks us all the time for helping – that tail keeps wagging!!


Gibbs’ Updates:

Gibbs has been adopted! Congrats to Gibbs and his new fur-ever family!

January 11th, a note from Gibbs’ foster mom: Taking my sweet, loveable, silly, goofy, ridiculous, mischievous, and adorable foster pup, Gibbs to his forever home today. So happy for him! He is going to have a fun and wonderful life with his new mom, dad, and human step sister (not to mention his new feline siblings . . . ). I have kissed on him so much last night and this morning that my lips are chapped!


GibbsA note from Gibbs’ foster mom: Gibbs came to M.A.I.N. as a stray with a broken leg and numerous deep scrapes, bruises, and scratches, apparently from being hit by a car.  Dr. Katie Andre and the Bethany Animal Hospital staff splinted his leg and bandaged his many open scrapes and scratches, and he was fostered out to a household of three cats and one dog. Gibbs is very high spirited and has LOTS of energy.  He is a sweet-natured puppy and eager to please. He is smart and would do well with training. Gibbs loves: treats of all kinds, especially crunchy treats with peanut butter on them and anything chewy; wrestling with his foster brother, Chumley; taking walks in the park; having his ears scratched. He is a little over-friendly with cats and has been smacked by his feline foster brother, Newman several times – apparently learning a little bit of a lesson but not enough to keep him from making the same mistake more than once! He appears to get along well with other dogs. He can be a little shy at first with people, especially men, but with patience, he warms up to pretty much anyone who is friendly. He is mostly house trained and has been confined to a smaller room during the day while his foster mom was at work – the neighbors report a little howling, but he settles down quickly. He wants to be with people when anyone is home.


Gibbs!Update Sept. 26th from Gibbs’ foster mom: The wonderful Dr. Katie just called me to let me know that my little dude can come home today without his splint! His fracture has healed and now he can begin the process of strengthening that leg and getting ready to be adopted by whichever family is lucky enough to get his silly self! I am so happy that he will be splint-less (but still coned until the lacerations on his leg heal) and can now take looooooooooooooong walks and runs!

Update from Gibbs’ foster mom, Sept. 18th: This little guy is going to be a wonderful pet for his forever family! He has a wonderful, sweet personality. He is energetic and curious, and makes me laugh with his expressive ears! He really is a special guy! All his abrasions and bruises have healed up perfectly, no infections or anything and very little scarring. The work that BAH did was awesome.



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