Georgie, American Bulldog Mix

Georgie at the shelterMeet Georgie.

Georgie was rescued from the county shelter after he was given a medical time limit and at risk for euthanasia due to his medical condition.

Georgie has multiple masses along his genital and scrotal area. Per the shelter’s vet check, it is suspected that these masses are “cutaneous neoplasia,” a term for skin cancer.

In addition, poor Georgie has come down with a respiratory infection and is coughing and sneezing. Despite obviously not feeling his best, this guy is still SO full of love for everyone he meets!

MAIN will get this sweet guy the vet care he needs and show him the love he deserves.

We will keep everyone updated on Georgie’s diagnosis and progress with MAIN. Please, if you are able, donate to Georgie’s medical care chip in fund via PayPal below. Every little bit counts- Thank You!

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Georgie’s Updates:

Georgie is currently in a loving foster home and has been treated for URI. He is Valley Fever positive and will begin treatment with fluconazole. We will keep everyone updated on his progress.

Georgie relaxing in fosterGeorgie Update, Jan. 2016: Georgie’s tumors are Hemangiosarcoma. It appears we got all the cancer removed during surgery and at this time, he has no symptoms that would indicate metastasis. These types of masses CAN recur, however. Georgie has a guarded to good prognosis. This cancer will vary dog to dog, so we are taking this one day at a time. For now, Georgie is happy and loving life with his foster family!

Georgie Update, Dec. 2015: Georgie is done with his antibiotics for URI; he is really beginning to feel better. He smiles, and even laid down and rolled over for a chest/belly rub this am when we went for our potty walk. He was being silly and playful! Georgie has Valley Fever and will begin treatment for that asap. He also has some lesions on his xrays the vets are investigating.


Georgieupdate2Georgie’s first night, from his foster mom: Georgie is home and safe. He’s very thin and dirty. He is limping slightly on his right back leg and has a bit of a runny nose. He is calm and very tired. He remained calm as can be, even with our hyper puppy barking from her crate. He is TRULY a fabulous guy and has already begun to steal our hearts. He seems to want to lay close to Annie while we ate dinner, which is nice. Although we offered him dog food, he hasn’t shown any interest yet. Welcome HOME sweet, handsome boy. My promise to you- life will only get better for you from this day forward!