Finn Has Been Adopted!

Meet Finn.

Finn is just a puppy, and he already has Demodectic Mange. He was scheduled for euthanasia at the County pound, but M.A.I.N. couldn’t let that happen. Finn will be treated for Mange and recover in a loving foster home!

Finn’s Updates: Finn is Mange free and loving life with his fur-ever family! Thanks to his foster family who nursed him back to health!

You Can Be Their Hero!

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  1. bonnie Nadeau says:

    You my friend have a special place in this world …please keep us updated on him..

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  2. alvrus says:

    What idiot allowed him to get to that state?

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  3. Colleen McCarrol says:

    The World needs more HEROS like M.A.I.N.!

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  4. FlagLabs says:

    Thank you. Sweet boy still wagging his tail while in all that pain….

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  5. steppedonalego77 says:

    What song is this? It’s perfect!

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  6. steppedonalego77 says:

    Nevermind, I saw at the end…. beautiful!

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  7. sc0ttishlass says:

    This puppy still has a long way to go yet it takes so little to change his condition. I cannot understand why the shelter staff didn’t give him a medicinal bath first to relieve some of the pain he is in. Demodex (demodectic mange) can be treated within 4 -6 weeks, it’s gruesome and the dog will try to scratch some more because of the mites deep within his skin but it is doable. Thank you M.A.I.N. for rescueing him. Please keep us updated on FINN.

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  8. sharksweetie says:

    How heartwarming to see such wonderful people reaching our to help this poor fellow! Go Finn! Go M.A.I.N.! Thank you!

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  9. moortje1991 says:

    Great job you are doing.

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  10. […] Finn arrived at our house after being rescued off the E-list at west with a horrible case of mange. He […]

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  11. jill wendt says:

    you cannot see this persons wings but they are there bless you

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