Ezra, Shih Tzu Mix

Ezra's ride to the vetMeet Ezra.

Ezra is 10 pounds of skin and bones. His fur is clumped with dirt and severely matted. He was brought into the county shelter in this condition, after being found wandering the 110 degree streets of Arizona in July.

Needless to say, he was not adoptable in this condition. To make matters worse, county vets found a mass on Ezra they suspected was cancerous.

When we received an offer to foster Ezra for whatever time he had left in this world, we knew we couldn’t refuse. Sometimes the best, and indeed, the only thing we can do is offer these dogs some comfort as they are helped to cross the Rainbow Bridge; a name, some treats, a gentle and loving touch…

However, when we took Ezra to our vet for an exam, we got some surprising news! There is NO mass or obstruction, seen on Xray! What our vet does see is severe Valley Fever (including VF lesions on xray), suspected Tick Fever and emaciation. There’s no denying Ezra is in rough shape and while we still don’t know what his future holds, we are now hopeful!

We took Ezra from the county shelter thinking we would help him on his last day on earth. Instead, we happily start a journey with Ezra that we hope ultimately leads to his health and fur-ever home.

Please, if you are able, donate to Ezra’s medical care chip in fund below. The dogs only have us and we only have you! Thank You!

Ezra’s Updates:

Rest in Peace, sweet Ezra…

Ezra in foster3From Ezra’s foster family: We knew when we took Ezra that his time with us may be short. We had hoped when he started improving that he would get to live a long and wonderful life but it just wasn’t to be. I knew Saturday that things weren’t looking good; he had 2 weeks of daily improvements and suddenly was backsliding. I tried to hold out hope Sunday when he was suddenly acting really good, but in my heart I just had this sinking feeling. Those who have worked in healthcare know what I am referring to… when someone is so bad and is suddenly the best they’ve ever been, it’s usually not a good sign. He was bubbly and chipper Sunday night, “woofing” for his food while my daughter made it, and curling up to be combed after his bath. He literally fought me to stay with me, growling in protest when I tried to put him to bed and sitting by his gate waiting for me to hang out with him till 1 am when I took him outside. He curled up on his favorite spot on the sectional and made it clear through growling and snapping that he wasn’t ready to go to bed yet. He chased after me when I walked away and we spent half an hour curled up on the patio. Yesterday morning, he actually ran across the yard to check out my neighbor’s dog and sprawled in the sun in the car on the way to Bethany, watching me the whole way with his head in my hand. I spent 10 minutes in the parking lot talking to him and stroking him, telling him how much he was loved. When I went to get him out, he jumped up, something he never does, like he was ready. I think both of us knew deep inside that these were our last moments together. When I handed him over I told him I would see him tomorrow but we both knew the truth. Back in my car, I cried and called my husband, telling him I had this fear they would get him in surgery and it would be cancer. I am grateful for the time he had with us, and would not change any of it. He was loved from the start and got a little more time to enjoy ear rubs, lounging and rolling in the sun, exploring and feeling the love of all who met him. I know he had a home with a little girl somewhere, he adored them. He always had a tail wag for the children staying with me as well as my own. He adored my husband and found the strength this weekend to visit him in the garage one last time and hear him sing to him. More than anything, he had a great rescue community and wonderful vet who stepped up and gave him the opportunity to enjoy these things just a little longer. Please consider honoring Ezra by fostering, sharing animals in need, and/or adopting from shelters and rescues rather than breeders. Rest in peace sweet boy, you will be missed.

Ezra loves foster dad!Update from Ezra’s foster mom, Aug. 23th from his foster mom: The plan is to take Ezra to the vet on Monday for surgery. He’s been straining to poop today and threw up this a.m., so it’s time. He’s breathing heavier and would rather hang out in bed or in my lap than explore. I know he doesn’t feel so good when he stays in bed when he sees the fluid bag…he wasn’t thrilled to get them last night but didn’t really fight me either. I think he’ll drastically improve once we get the stuff out of his tummy.

Update on Ezra, Aug. 19th: Ezra now weighs 11.8 lbs! Three weeks ago he weighed 9.6 pounds. Progress!

Update from Ezra’s foster mom, Aug. 2nd: He seems to be getting more energy and is warming up to seeking out being near us. He actually lifts his leg and pees “like a boy,” something he didn’t have the strength to do a week ago and can actually scratch his own ears with some speed behind it. He also spends more time wandering the yard and almost ran to me when I called him last night. His thyroid levels were low so he’s on medication for that as well. He’s learning to use the pee pads also. I’m starting to feel cautiously optimistic that he may beat all this stuff that’s been thrown at him. We’re trying to get his body in better shape to survive surgery. He does love to eat and he’s no longer throwing up. I feed him recovery divided into 5-6 small portions as well as give him subcutaneous fluids every night. He goes in for a follow up this week. Overall, he is improving- more bright eyed and more energy.

Update from Ezra’s foster mom, July 29th: Ezra’s feeling a little rougher today. I think his exploring yesterday wore him out and irritated his Valley Fever lesion in his back leg. It was more swollen last night and he doesn’t really want to get up. He has been wetting himself in his bed. I took him out this morning and he walked a little to do his business and then parked it in the grass. I’m going to look for a different bed today that will give him the cushion his body needs but will be easier for him to get in and out of. Poor kid sat and waited next to his bed for me to put him in it and help him lay down.

Ezra exploringUpdate July 27th from Ezra’s foster mom: Ezra has officially gone over 24 hours without throwing up! We just gave him some satin ball puree with rice this time to see how that goes.

From Ezra’s foster family, July 24th-26th: Ezra loves to eat, it just won’t stay down. The vet thinks he could possibly have a wadded up plastic bag in his stomach or “Gorilla Glue” (it expands). Whatever it is, the barium swallow could barely get around it. So for now, whatever he can keep down is what he will get. He threw up kibble a little while ago that he ate earlier, but not the last portion of rice and eggs. He took his med injection like a champ and is sleeping at the moment so I’m hoping. He wags his tail whenever he thinks I have food. He has an adorable under bite!

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