Erin, Lab/Pit Bull Mix

Meet Erin.

At just six weeks of age, Erin was scheduled to be euthanized with her mom, Keira because of horrible Mange infections. Luckily, M.A.I.N. stepped in to save these two and after they heal from Mange, they will go on to find their fur-ever homes.

Erin’s Updates:

Erin has been adopted! Congrats to Erin and her new fur-ever family! We are so happy for this sweet girl who went through quite a lot to find her perfect family.

Family PhotoErin’s Petfinder Bio: Hi everyone! My name is Erin! I’m a playful pup sniffing out my fur-ever home…I think I’m on the right trail too- could it be you?! I’ve had quite a life story so far. You see, I was on the euthanasia list at county, along with my mom, because of a really bad skin infection…Mange is what the humans call it. All I know is that it made me itchy and I didn’t like it! That’s when M.A.I.N. stepped in to save me! I’m all better and ready for my fur-ever home! There’s a few things you should know about me if we’re going to be friends. First, I prefer kids jr high age and up and cats over dogs >^..^< Yep, that’s right, I’m a cat kinda dog! You should know that I’m a little shy at first and men can be a little scary for me, so I’d really like a quiet, calm home with people who will spend time with me and give me belly rubs- I’ll require a belly rub every day! I’ve been living in a foster home, so I have a “paw up” on the training- my foster mom says I love car rides, going for walks and even an occasional run! Otherwise, I’m a total couch potato. My favorite things are chew toys, especially bully sticks- and I NEVER chew anything I’m not supposed to! Are you looking for a new member of your family? A furry friend to keep you company? A sweet dog to cuddle with? Pick ME!

Erin with the packErin was lucky enough to get a weekend get-away from the boarding kennels with one of M.A.I.N’s wonderful supporters; here’s what she had to say about Erin: “Erin is sweet, affectionate and very loyal (right next to u all time). She loves walks and is a great jogger (right next to u). Totally housebroken and can hold it for a long time. She is really good with cats and kitties. The  kitties were running around her feet and she was just concerned with me and very sweet to them. She absolutely loves kids, in fact she would wait outside the kid’s doors in the morning for them to wake up…she just loves hanging with people. She is one of the most mellow puppies I have ever been around. I left her unattended in the house for up to 3-4 hrs and she was fine and non-destructive. She is cautious when meeting new dogs, but was very indifferent with our dog the majority of the time. She quickly becomes attached and I believe lacks some social skills with dogs. But with that being said, she is extremely well mannered around the house with her people. No jumping, very calm and listens well.”

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