Ellie, Chihuahua Puppy

Ellie in fosterMeet Ellie.

As just a puppy, Ellie was surrendered to a local clinic after her former owners accidently dropped her, resulting in a suspected pelvic fracture.

The clinic sent out a plea to local rescues; with one look at Ellie’s adorable face, we were smitten and knew we had to help!

Upon repeat xrays at our partner vet, it turns out Ellie does not have any fractures, but she does have some haziness on the xrays we are suspecting may be Valley Fever. She will get a full blood work panel and test for Valley Fever.

In addition to the xray abnormality, we discovered that Ellie is deaf (this is congenital) and has a mild case of Strangles.

Ellie will be treated in a wonderful foster home and we will keep everyone updated on her progress.

As you know, vet care and testing is costly and we can only continue to help animals in need with your help! Please, if you are able, donate to Ellie’s medical care chip in fund via PayPal below. Thank You!

Ellie’s Updates:

Ellie has been adopted! Congrats to Ellie and her new fur-ever family!

Ellie9Ellie’s Bio: Ellie is my new name. I’m kinda young, but am very well behaved. I’m all white. Maybe that’s why the humans all go crazy over my looks. Maybe it’s the pink nose. Don’t know, but I am having a ball here at my foster home. I’m not very big, but I don’t let that slow me down. I have lots of big doggie buddies here and I’m teaching them the ropes. I’m even using them as step ladders so I can feel what’s its like to be really tall. I have really, really long legs, so maybe when I grow up I can be a dog “super model”. My foster Mom tells me I’m very dramatic, so maybe a career in show biz is in the works. Some of the folks that have seen me tell me I have very unusual looks. Take a look at my photos and feel free to pass them on to any casting directors you may know. I do love to run around and play. My tail wags so fast it’s hard to get a good picture of it. I have lots of playmates here and I get along with all of them: dogs, cats and humans. For a while there, I couldn’t play. The M.A.I.N. peeps took me in when I needed it and gave me time to heal. They also figured out that I am deaf. Been that way since I was born. Don’t let that bother you. I can understand hand signals pretty well and as I get older I will only get better. I am very, very affectionate and would love a family to cuddle up with, so if my career in show biz doesn’t work out maybe I could be a star in your house.

Ellie4From Ellie’s foster mom, Aug. 5th: Ellie is awesome. She is so sweet. She loves dogs, cats and people and spends her days running from one playmate to the other. She eats great and you would never know she had a problem with her pelvis. She is a typical baby and I have to watch her really close because everything goes in the mouth! She is going to make someone an awesome pet.

From Ellie’s foster mom, June 20th: Ellie is doing great! She is broke out from the Strangles, but as you can see she is a miracle and getting around awesomely. She gets along great with her foster siblings!

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