Dyson and Ringo

Meet Dyson (top) and Ringo!

In a desperate attempt to save both, M.A.I.N. is taking these two in from Pinal County. Dyson is a male chihuahua mix that is about 1 year old. His nose is bleeding constantly and he is having trouble breathing. He makes wheezing noises and would be able to go out as a medical foster. He was just brought in as a stray today. Ringo is a male chihuahua mix puppy who is about 4 months old and has some type of skin issue. He is also extremely thin.

Dyson and Ringo

Both were on the euthanasia list and both have been sent to an emergency vet for the night.  We’ll transport to Phoenix in the morning and keep you posted as we learn more.  In the meantime, we need fosters and we need help with their medical bills!  PLEASE share and keep both in your prayers tonight – and thank you SO much!

Preliminary report Feb. 7th: Our wonderful volunteer, Colleen picked Ringo up from Pinal County this afternoon, then headed to the emergency vet for Dyson. Ringo has suspected Mange and will get a skin scrape at our partner vet in Phx. Dyson’s Tick Fever test was negative, but he has a high WBC count indicating infection. He was started on Clavamox. We will update everyone more after our vet in Phx sees them!

Medical Update from Bethany Animal Hospital, Feb. 7th:

Ringo- What a cutie! Feisty little puppy. About 3-4 months old, has Demodex Mange. Young enough we don’t even need to a heart worm test. He’s good to go to foster tomorrow.

Dyson- White Blood Cell Count not that high compared to many we’ve had. Don’t see a whole lot of supporting evidence for head injury. Still suspicious of Tick Fever, running a ProDog, but highly suspect he has a bad upper resp infection that caused nasal capillary rupture and the nosebleed. Took chest films to be sure nothing scary in his chest – actually looked ok! He’s a pretty sick little boy though. We are continuing his Clavamox, adding in a second antibiotic to get broader coverage, deworming, and offering lots of food!



Dyson & Ringo’s Updates:

Dyson and Ringo have both been adopted! Congrats to these adorable guys and their fur-ever families!


A note on Dyson from his foster mom: He is an absolute sweetheart, plays well with others, never has an accident, uses the dog door and is a huge cuddle bug!

Update on Ringo from his foster mom: Ringo now weighs eight pounds! He goes in Tuesday for his first skin scrape and another Distemper booster. His fur has completely grown back in. To me he seems to be a very healthy little puppy. If next Tuesday his skin scrape is negative and then the second skin scraping is also negative, then he should be clear for adoption by the middle of April!

Medical Update, Feb. 13th: Dyson’s Valley Fever came back negative!

Dyson5Medical Update, Feb. 8th from the vet: Dyson- Looking much brighter today! His bloodwork isn’t as bad as I’d feared in could be; WBC still high, platelets are normal.
No Tick Fever. Suspect Cocci – waiting on titers. Ringo- He’s looking good! I think we’re going to neuter him today, as he has very little secondary skin infection.

They’re spending the weekend with Kate & Family, so you know they’ll be having fun! From Kate: Ringo is a good boy! He loves to cuddle, sleeps all night, thinks he is big and tough, loves to beat up stuffed animals and has sharp puppy teeth! Super cute and super tiny! Dyson is great! He loves prancing around the back yard and gets along great with the other dogs!

Dyson stopped by our Summer-time Photo Shoot at Don’s house!

Dyson is Adorable with a capital A! This sweet, friendly guy has the cutest expressions!


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