Drifter, Terrier Mix

Drifter6Meet Drifter.


Friends, we first want to apologize and give a warning for the extremely graphic nature of these photos and this story. We don’t know how to share Drifter’s story with you without making you aware of the horrible condition he is in.

Drifter was picked up by reservation police and brought to the county east shelter. It was obvious he had a neck injury, but no one could examine him beyond that due to the severe pain he was in.

So, the clinic staff sedated him, shaved him down…and found something horrific. A neck tie, embedded around his neck and up over his ear! This is the rubber band type of tie you use to make a pony tail!

They speculate that someone put this on him as a puppy….those bands only stretch so far. Drifter is estimated at one to two years old, which means this tie has been growing into his neck ever since it was placed there, possibly years ago. He scratched and dug at it enough to get it up over one ear but couldn’t get it off, so it sliced half-way through his right ear, leaving the ear dangling. The wound on his neck goes very deep and in person, you can see tendons.

Despite his extreme condition, Drifter is a very sweet boy who enjoys attention and loves belly rubs. Drifter is a survivor and we know you’ll join us in thinking positive thoughts for his healing road ahead. Please consider a donation to Drifter’s medical care chip-in fund below, Thank You!

Drifter’s Updates:

Drifter has been adopted! Congrats Drifter and your new fur-ever family!

Drifter, AugustDrifter’s Bio: The most incredible part of Drifter’s story is that his injury hasn’t phased him AT ALL! He’s the sweetest lap dog who loves every person and dog he’s met so far! He follows his foster mom around like a shadow, eats up attention from their grand-daughter, loves tummy rubs, and toys! He’ll entertain himself for hours playing with his toys, alone or with his foster fur-sisters! He loves going on walks and has perfect leash manners. He knows basic commands, is house-broken and doggie door trained (he has no puppy behaviors like chewing or house-soiling) and loves sleeping in bed with his foster parents! His foster mom says he’s the best dog they’ve fostered in 10 years…a real gem! 

From Drifter’s foster mom, Aug. 5th: Drifter is doing great with the bed and the other dogs. You would never guess that anything had ever happen to him. We found a harness for him and just took him for a walk- he did great.

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