Diamond, Pit Bull Terrier Mix Puppy

Diamond7Meet Diamond.

Diamond was rescued from the county shelter euthanasia list with a terrible case of demodex mange. As you can see, her fur is falling out in patches and she has scabs all over her body from the relentless itching caused by the mange.

As if this poor pup’s condition wasn’t bad enough, there is another pup Diamond came to the shelter with in the same condition. We have also taken this pup into rescue and have named her Ruby!

Diamond is the more outgoing and curious of the two and is a happy girl despite her sad condition. Both Diamond and Ruby are together in a loving foster home and we are looking forward to seeing them healthy and grown one day.

Oftentimes mange is caused by a secondary infection and so we will be getting Diamond to our partner vet asap for a full blood panel and further eval. We will keep everyone posted on Diamond and Ruby’s progress.

Please, if you are able, donate to their medical fund via PayPal below. Thank You!

Diamond’s Updates:

Diamond has recovered from mange and is ready for furever! Diamond is approx 8 mos old and her adoption fee is $175. Fee includes prior vet care, microchip, spay, shots up to date and County license. If you’re interested in meeting Diamond for adoption, please fill out our Adoption Application by Adoption Application

DiamondUpdate, March 2016: Diamond’s coat is a gorgeous brindle and she weighs around 40 pounds now. Diamond is a sassy girl and has tons of spunk. She needs a family willing to help teach her boundaries and help her grow up to be the adult doggy they want her to be. But she’s so worth it! Diamond is full of love and silly antics. She’s playful and loves toys, running around the yard, tug of rope with her sister Ruby and any other active thing you can think of! Her foster mom has written a great blog about Diamond and her sister Ruby that you can check out here.

Update, Jan. 2016: Diamond‘s skin looks SO MUCH better. All redness is gone and about 50% of her scabs are off. Neither like their baths but we do explain it’s for their own good. I’m certain they are calling us nasty things, but in dog language. 😉 Ruby has gained 4 pounds in 2 weeks and Diamond has gained 7! They love being in the yard. We just leave the back door open so they can wander in the yard but also come back inside. They try to play with each other but I think Diamond is still too sensitive for that, so it doesn’t last. I’m so looking forward to all of them being able to play together. I know the girls will have a blast with our pup!