Denny, Pit Bull Mix

Meet Denny.

Denny has one of the worse cases of Mange M.A.I.N. has ever seen…

We can’t imagine the neglect that led Denny to be in this condition at such a young age. We do know that he will finally know love and peace with the care he will receive as part of the M.A.I.N. family.

 Denny with Mange

Denny’s Updates:

Denny has officially been adopted by his foster family! What a lucky dog!

_MG_2854A note on Denny from his foster mom: Denny is a remarkable dog. He has the kindest, biggest human (yes I said human) soul packed into the sweetest looking pittie body. We have had the fortune of being fosters to Denny since my birthday back in July. We have not regretted a single moment with him. He plays extremely well with my three dogs, two of which are Chihuahuas and one a Terrier mix. He listens extremely well to our commands and feeding time works great too. We even hassle him a bit during feeding by scratching the back of his ears or back to ensure he is ok with it and never gets bothered, especially if little kids were to want to pet him during feeding times. We have two ferrets in a cage as well at home and Denny never seems to mind them. When we do have controlled visits, holding the ferrets in our hands with the dogs, he takes a quick sniff and moves on. I have taken him to several events, parks, ice cream outings, etc and he is always on his best behavior and even if another dog gets him a little excited, he minds the commands we have been teaching him to control his excitement and refocus his attention back on us. He would be a great hiking partner and loves to be active running and chasing his foster siblings. We want the best for Denny so if you have it in your heart to open up your home to him – you will not be disappointed!

A note on Denny from a friend: Denny is one fun loving hunk of a Pit Bull! He is such a great boy, so full of life and so happy. He gets along with all dogs, and plays according to the other dog’s energy level. He plays gentle with the seniors and goes wild with the younger fur-kids. He loves the dog park and will find someone to romp with. I can honestly say he’s an incredible boy, who will make a family very happy; I just love this guy!

Denny 2Denny’s Petfinder Bio: Hi everyone! My name is Denny and I’m one GRAND SLAM of a dog! My story began a ways back when I was rescued by M.A.I.N. I had a horrible case of Mange and was scheduled to be euthanized at the county pound. After time healing in a foster home, I am now 100% healthy! I’m a pretty outgoing guy, so I wanted to put myself out there in the search for my fur-ever home! I cant wait until I can find a home to call my own and often dream of all the things I’ll do with my new family. Like go on walks and trips to the dog park! Oh and TOYS- tug of rope is my favorite game! I also really like wrestling with other dogs and would love to have a doggy sibling at home I can play with! I get along with dogs of all sizes. Don’t worry though, there’s a sweet side to me too! I love to be pet and will repay you with big, slobbery kisses. I haven’t yet met a stranger! I walk well on the leash, ride great in the car and “sit” for a tasty treat. I’m a true Pittie Ambassador, if I do say so myself. What more could you ask for?! Are you looking to add a happy-go-lucky, wiggly young guy to your family?! Set up a meet-and-greet with me today and I’m sure we’ll become the best of friends!

Denny spent some time posing at an adoption event the other day in the hopes his fur-ever family will find him soon! Could it be YOU?!

Denny stopped by for a photo shoot at Don’s house the other day. This guy is SO photogenic and so much fun!

Check out these photos from Denny’s journey with M.A.I.N. He’s come a long way!

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  1. gaylegab says:

    Heart breaking.

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  2. contactsheet says:

    Poor baby… sweet little wagging tail….

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  3. moortje1991 says:

    Indeed heart breaking.

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  4. Mathieu Géniole says:

    This poor dog has finally find awesome people.

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  5. Todd Gartman says:

    I looked for Denny on the MAIN pages, any update?

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  6. Don Mertes says:

    We should be getting one any day now! Sorry for the wait… We brought a bunch of sick & injured dogs in to Bethany (the hospital) last week, and it got the doc (Katie) all behind schedule! She’s getting caught up now, so we should see an update anytime…

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  7. Joanne Harris says:

    All my dogs are rescues of similar isses they make the bet friends of all!! Great!!!

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  8. jill wendt says:

    my sons name is denny-i looked into this precious babies eyes and saw my
    son hope he gets a great home-i am a mom of 4 rescues -2 dogs & 2 cats

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  9. raffaella paci says:

    Why don’t you keep us updated….please!

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