Dempsey, Chihuahua Mix

Dempsey's mangeMeet Dempsey.

Dempsey is yet another dog afflicted with Mange this summer. We’ve seen it before and we’ll inevitably see it again, but it never ceases to break our hearts.

This poor little guy is just five months old and has already had quite a rough life.

Dempsey’s fur has fallen out in patches, leaving crusty and red skin. He’s constantly scratching in a futile attempt to gain a little comfort from the incessant itching caused by the mites.

Dempsey needed a rescue and vet care and that’s just what he will get now that he’s safe with M.A.I.N.

Dempsey will recover in a loving foster home until he is healed enough to find his fur-ever.

As always, we will keep everyone updated on his progress. Please, if you are able, donate to Dempsey’s medical care chip in fund via Pay Pay below. The dogs only have us and we only have you! Thank You!

Dempsey’s Updates:

Dempsey is mange free and available for adoption! Adoption fee is $150 and includes shots up to date, county license, neuter and microchip. If you’re interested in meeting this adorable lap dog, fill out our adoption application by clicking here!

dempsyFrom Dempsy’s foster family, July 2015: Dempsy is a cuddle bug once you bond and he knows you’re not going to leave him. Dempsey loves to play and finally gets to act like a puppy now that he has healed! Dempsy can be particular about his doggy friends, but currently lives in a foster home with other dogs- with the right personality, he can live with another dog. He has lived with his foster family now for over a year and really wants to find a companion of his own!

Update on Dempsey, Dec. 2014: Dempsey is ready to be adopted! He is 10 mos old. He is dog door trained, sleeps in his own bed at night. He loves to play and go for walks and is very affectionate. He gets along with my 4 dogs and 2 cats and has been fine around kids and babies. He is very shy initially and needs slow intros with other pets and people.

Update September 2014: Dempsey is doing amazing in foster, but still tested positive for Mange. His fur is growing in nicely and he is a happy guy! We will keep everyone updated on his progress!

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