Cricket, Chihuahua Puppy

Cricket, SAFE!Meet Cricket.

Cricket came in to the shelter at nine weeks old with two of her litter mates…but something was different about Cricket. She had sores on her muzzle and behind her ears- a condition called juvenile cellulitis, also known as “puppy strangles.”

Puppy strangles is a nodular and pustular skin disorder that causes sores and swelling, most commonly to the face and ears. It is a treatable and non-contagious condition, but early treatment is required to prevent permanent scarring and worsening of the condition.

Because of her illness, Cricket wasn’t adoptable like her fellow litter mates. We couldn’t let Cricket be left behind however, so we’ve taken her into our rescue and will get her the vet care she needs while she recovers in a loving foster home!

Please, if you are able, donate to Cricket’s medical care fund via PayPal below. We will keep everyone posted on Cricket’s progress as we watch her heal and enjoy her new puppy life with M.A.I.N!

Cricket’s Updates:

Cricket has been adopted! Congrats Cricket and your fur-ever home!

Cricket!!Update on Cricket, Oct. 18th from her foster mom: Cricket is healthy and healed from her strangles, she has very minimal scarring. She is off all medications and is doing great – she eats with gusto and exercises very vigorously every day. She weighs just 4.5 pounds!

Her development seems normal. She is well behaved (for a puppy), and although she loves chewing things, she is very good about switching to a permissible chew toy when caught chewing a non-permissible item (such as a shoe). She is learning to come when called, and is getting toward being house-trained . . . not really there yet, but I think I am starting to get through to her about doing her business outside.

She is pretty well socialized, gets along well with my dogs (don’t know about other dogs, I have been cautioned to keep her away from unvaccinated dogs until she is fully vaccinated). She is comfortable with people, including loud parties and is comfortable being gently picked up and held. She is very cuddly.

Over all, she is a delightful little person, and will be getting her final vaccinations on Halloween, after which she will be cleared to be around other dogs and start attending events!

Oct. 2014: Cricket is healing fast! She is loving life in foster, playing and causing mischief like every puppy should! 😉