These are the posts that no rescue ever wants to write, and it seems we write them far too often. Our dear Clifford is gone. 💔
He was back at the hospital yesterday in preparation for surgery this morning to place a feeding tube. He passed away before that surgery could be done.

Despite our best efforts, he still struggled at times with keeping food down and he was losing weight. Our boy was happy and in good spirits. We have honestly never seen a dog with a more positive outlook on life. He was loved, and he loved in return. For him it was just that simple.
We truly appreciate everyone’s good thoughts and prayers during his time with us. Our hearts go out to his foster parents – Tim & Gayla…. and to his vets – Dr. Andre & Dr. Greene. Each one of you was ready and willing to do whatever it took to give this special boy a chance at the wonderful life he deserved, and so obviously never had.

Goodbye for now, big red dog. 💔 Say hello to all of our babies waiting at the Rainbow Bridge.