Churchill, Shar Pei

Churchill4 (532x800)Meet Churchill.

Churchill has a skin condition so severe almost all his fur has fallen out. Where fur should be, bloody scabs are instead…the result of Churchill trying to get relief from the nonstop itching and discomfort.

He doesn’t understand why he’s sitting in a cage, as people walk by and point, wondering “what’s wrong with that dog?!” Churchill just knows one thing- that he needs someone to give him a chance. After all, he does have a lot of love to give! M.A.I.N. stepped in to give Churchill the chance he so desperately needed and now, his new life can begin.

He will be taken to the vet for an evaluation and then on to a loving foster home for treatment. This guy has obviously had it pretty rough recently, but that didn’t stop him from wagging his tail and trying to love on everyone he met!

As the great leader Winston Churchill (Churchill’s namesake) said, “If you’re going through hell, keep going…never, never, never give up.” We know M.A.I.N. with all our wonderful supporters sure won’t give up on Churchill. Please donate to his medical care by clicking the link below; they only have us and we only have you!

Churchill’s Updates:

Churchill has officially been adopted by his foster family! We couldn’t think of a more perfect home for him!

churchilladoptUpdate on Churchill’s allergy appointment: Churchill finally had his long-awaited allergy testing and the results are in! The test is rated from zero to four- as you can see, Churchill had no fours, so that’s good. Other than cats (he’s allergic to them) all of his allergies are environmental. The two grasses that he is allergic to are not common in Arizona. He will be on Cyclosporine and Ketoconozale for at least another six to eight weeks. The injections are every other day for a month and then it will be equaled out to once a week. They will recheck in a month and then again at the six month interval. Thank you to everyone who donated for Churchill’s allergy testing; we are so happy to finally have some answers!

Medical Update Oct 6th, 2013: Churchill needs to be off Prednisone for 30 days before he can begin treatments with an allergy specialist, Dr. Song. That means we have 30 days to raise the $750.00 it’s going to cost!

The testing is $500 and six months of medication is $250. It will either be drops or injections designed specifically for Churchill. He is already starting to break-out without the Prednisone so we can’t wait any longer than the 30 days to get this done! This is something that has to happen before he can find his forever home. Please consider donating to Churchill’s allergy testing fund by clicking the PayPal link below- Thank You!

Churchill 3Update on Churchill from his foster mom, July 3rd: I have had Churchill for almost two weeks and I have seen a drastic improvement in his skin conditions. I have been bathing him every single day with hypo allergenic oatmeal shampoo plus rubbing him down with hydrocortisone lotion and all of the sores and scabs have healed. He still has some blisters and bumps and definitely still has a long road ahead but I can already see a night and day difference. When he first came to us he would not walk outside on the gravel and we would put baby socks on his feet so he could go potty. His feet are a lot less swollen now and he will actually run around the yard and play and check everything out! He is starting to play a lot more and still has a lot of puppy in him that we have seen in the last few days. He is a big goof-ball whose back feet seem to get ahead of his front ones and he tumbles over himself! It’s adorable! It’s also a very precious feeling watching him come to life again and heal and know that my family is a part of that! We have started him on a treatment of a product called Nu-Stock and it seems to be a miracle ointment. We shall see in a couple of days as I can’t wash it off for three days- if I can go that long!

Churchill14From Churchill’s foster mom, Feb. 1st: Church and I have been very busy walking to the park playing in the big field behind our house and really just chilling out on his bean bag or outside in the sun with my husband which he seems to like the most! We have to cover him up with a towel because he is getting so tan- well some parts of his body, the other parts seem to just get pink! He is seeming to be better with his skin even though two to three baths a week and he is still stinky, haha! I honestly think he is hairless. He has some fur growing back but not a lot! His abscess is gone and the meds seemed to have worked for that! We are getting ready for Superbowl this Sunday where he will be sporting Ravens colors! Sorry all you 49 er Fans! He sleeps with my son every night. My son starts Spring Football soon and we will have lots of pictures of the boys and Church at practices, so stay tuned!

From Churchill’s foster mom, Jan. 10th: He is safe in our home and already on the couch with my son. More pictures after I come home from PetsMart with doggy bed, food, sweater, collar and leash. Thank you M.A.I.N. for the most precious gift!

Churchill21Medical Update, Jan. 10th: Kelly talked to Dr. Melissa and she said we’re treating Churchill’s skin condition as Demodex although initial scrapes for Mange have come back negative; we want to make sure we cover all bases to get this guy healthy again! We are possibly dealing with Sharpei allergies. We will know more after the skin cultures come back. Everyone loves him – he’s a great guy. He will be on Ivermectin for the suspected Mange and antibiotics as well as medicated baths.

August 12th: Churchill stopped by for a special photo shoot to show off how amazing he looks now! His fur is growing in and his skin is soft and scab-free…he’s come such a long way!

Check out these photos from Churchill’s journey with M.A.I.N. You can see what a long way he’s come!

Churchill stopped by to see Heather & Don for some photos and he was the perfect model!  Check him out!

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