Chelsea, Cocker Spaniel

Meet Chelsea! This beautiful girl was brought in to county as a stray, after she was attacked by another dog right in front of an animal control officer!

ChelseaIn order to get the larger dog to release Chelsea, the officer had to use pepper spray, and unfortunately both dogs were covered in it. We can’t imagine the horror this girl must have felt..alone at a shelter after being attacked, her neck wounds gaping open and covered in this stinging spray.

Luckily, M.A.I.N. stepped in to save this girl and as you can see from the video, she doesn’t let her bad situation dampen her spirits; she was full of tail wags and kisses for her rescuers! She looks right at home being carried out of the shelter and soon she will be right at home in with her loving foster family. We will keep you all updated on her progress!

She’ll need to have her wounds stitched and she’ll be on antibiotics for awhile, so to donate to Chelsea’s Medical Fund, please scroll down and “Thank You” for supporting the work that we do!

Medical Update from Dr. Miller, Feb. 13th: Chelsea is really cute! We sedated her for a clip/clean and will take care of the neck wound. We’ll spay her and chip her and she should be good to go to foster. She has a couple good sized lacerations on her neck, but otherwise seems okay!


Chelsea’s Updates:

Chelsea has been adopted! It didn’t take long for Chelsea’s fur-ever family to find her and after all this girl has been through, we think she deserves it! Congrats to Chelsea and her new family!

Chelsea!Update from Chelsea’s foster mom: So the drains are out of her neck, her incision looks good, her spay incision is also looking good, she is NOT malnourished and her teeth are really good! She is just SO beautiful, and based on her behavior, someone really loved her; she’s so trusting that no one abused her. I suspect she thought all dogs were ‘nice’ too, that’s why she just trotted up to that dog that attacked her – she didn’t know any differently! She is now fully integrated into my pack too. She is chasing Chance and Maddie (Sharpei and German Shepherd, respectively) through the house and is launching herself on TOP of them occasionally….she is just such a HAPPY HAPPY dog.


Chelsea stopped by for our St. Patty’s Day photo shoot at Don’s house…this girl is a natural!

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