Charlie, Lab Mix

Charlie11Meet Charlie! Charlie was turned in to the shelter by his owner because he “has a bad leg” and he isn’t perfect anymore… How’s that for an animal lover?

We think that Charlie just needs some TLC and some time and he’ll be a fantastic pup!  We’re willing to give him that chance.. Are you?

He’s had his Second Chance evaluation and came through it with flying colors, so we can’t understand why someone wouldn’t have given this sweet boy the chance he deserves..

For now, he’ll stay with his new foster family, until he can get to the hospital and have x-rays done on his leg. When we know the extent of his leg’s injuries, we will let you all know.  But, whatever he goes through now, he’ll learn what a REAL animal lover is at his foster’s home!

Right now, can you help Charlie with his medical expenses?  He’s had a lifetime to learn what to expect from people… Let’s teach him that he hasn’t learned anything just yet!



Charlie’s Updates:

Charlie has been adopted! Congrats to Charlie and his new fur-ever family; live long and happy, sweet guy!

Charlie's furever family!Update on Charlie, March 12th: Charlie is doing 90% better. His incision site is healing great. He is getting around so much better, balance is still a little off but he is doing awesome. He is set to get his stitches out on Friday. He is such a great dog, we have been so happy to have him with us. And his Boxer brothers can’t wait until he can hang out with them and play.

Update from Charlie’s foster mom, March 4th: Charlie is doing good after his amputation surgery. He still has lots of fluid and bruising, so we’re making sure he takes it easy. He still wags his tail like crazy and gives lots of love!

Update from Charlie’s foster mom, Feb. 4th: Charlie got a fabulously good bill of health today! We will keep him on Glucosamine Chondroitin and Fish Pilgrimage help the little guy’s hips, but other than that he is great. His amputation is set for February 18th and I’m going to take five days off after that to hang with the cutie when he heals (its like a little vacation four me too). Also our Mr. Charlie gained almost 10 lbs…we’re fattening him up!

Update, Jan. 29th: Charlie is a spoiled boy- he sleeps on the bed whenever he wants which is usually when it’s empty…he needs his space! He has turned into a happy boy with so much love and affection to give!

Update, Jan. 17th: Charlie is doing great. Only four more days of antibiotic left and then it’s off to the vet for a recheck and then hopefully he will be ready for surgery. He is turning into a happy dog more and more every day. He has truly come out of his shell and is a whole new boy!

Update, Jan. 7th: Took Charlie out to the park for some sun and fun. He walked/ran around for awhile, basked in the sun and watched the ducks. He has so much energy it will be great to see him when he can run free as long as he wants!

Charlie!From Charlie’s foster mom, Jan. 4th: He us doing great, he’s starting to act like a happy dog. Tail is wagging and he likes to catch his toys. He is so anxious to play with our dogs as soon as he is a little better they will be best of friends. I don’t know who could have gotten rid of this precious guy. He is so well behaved- scratches at the door to to potty, instantly bonded with our two dogs, plays fetch, knows basic commands and responds to “no,” loves people and sitting in their laps. We have definitely lucked out with another awesome foster. Can’t wait to see at him 100%!

From Charlie’s foster mom, Jan. 1st: Charlie is getting some much needed rest. He got a nice long bath (the water was dark brown after). He had a little treat and is sleeping now. He has an appt on Wednesday at BAH to xray the leg and hopefully get some meds for his kennel cough. He pottied outside like good boy. Hope he gets better soon because there are two Boxer boys here who really want to meet him!

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