Chai, Chihuahua Mix

Meet Chai.

ChaiFilthy and covered in blood, his broken jaw hung limply as he watched passers-by point and stare at his kennel, wondering “what’s wrong with that dog?” Chai wasn’t adoptable with his medical issues, so M.A.I.N. stepped in to provide him with the medical care he so desperately needs. After stabilization at the vet, Chai had most of his teeth removed while under anesthesia for x-rays. The vets discovered lots of bone loss; the upper canines were so rotten they had created oronasal fistulas (a communication between the oral cavity and the nasal cavity). If Chai develops enough healthy gum tissue on the antibiotics,the vets can try and close the fistulas surgically. For now he’s on pain medications and SAFE in his foster home. Chai needs help with his medical bills; please donate via the link below if you are able. Thank you!

Medical Update from the vet, April 27th: Most of Chai’s teeth are gone. The rest were rotten and I removed them today since the infection in this dog’s mouth is horrific. There is very little bone left in this dog’s mouth. I don’t know whether I will be able to fix these fractures, but we’ll start by trying to get the infection under control and go from there. I placed a muzzle on him after removing his teeth today to stabilize things. He was able to eat gruel made from soft food just fine last night and should be able to continue that with the muzzle in place. He’ll leave here with metacam for pain and clindamycin (antibiotic)- both liquids which can be squirted in his mouth even with the muzzle. He should be fed soft dog food mixed with enough water or broth that he can lap it/suck it up more or less efficiently. He may have some bleeding from his nose for a few days as the upper canines were so rotten they had created oronasal fistulas (communication between oral cavity and nasal cavity). If he develops enough healthy gum tissue on the antibiotics I can try and close the fistulas surgically.

Chai’s Updates:

Chai has been adopted! We are so happy for Chai and his new family!

Chai and his fur-ever momChai’s Petfinder bio: “Hi! I’m Chai, a super sweet senior looking for a place to call my very own. A few months ago, I was rescued from a bad situation- I found myself at the county pound with a broken jaw! Lucky for me, M.A.I.N. stepped in to get me the vet care I needed. Upon further exam at the vet, it was discovered that my teeth were in pretty bad shape too and they all had to be removed. I didn’t have enough bone to wire my jaw completely together, so my mouth will always be partially open. All this means is that I have to eat soft foods, but I don’t mind at all because I’m feeling SO much better than before!
Whew! That’s quite the story and you may be asking yourself how much energy a 10 year old dog like me could have after all that…the answer is, A LOT! My breed commonly lives up to 18 years. I’m a pretty spry little guy and love to go on walks or play with my doggy friends. Don’t worry though- none of those crazy puppy antics for me. I’m just the right amount of energy and a perfect gentleman. I’m even completely housetrained! All that play stuff is fun, but my favorite thing in this world is to be with my humans. I’m the perfect lap dog, if I do say so myself and will be your constant companion. I’ll even let you carry me around if you like!

Chai and his foster familyUpdate on Chai, July 30th: The long wait is over! Chai had his sutures removed! He is soooo happy to have off the muzzle and protective socks. There is some redness and a few scabbies, but Dr. Katie says it healed wonderfully I’m so happy for this little guy. He is now officially cleared for adoption!

Update on Chai, July 16th: Chai is heading to BAH to repair his jaw today! There isn’t enough bone to wire the jaw together, so Dr. Katie will be suturing the outside corners of his mouth together a bit so it doesn’t just hang open. I’m so excited for this little guy!

Update on Chai, May 31st: Check out Chai’s new cute muzzle! Dr. Katie came up with a winner this time, this one has lasted over two days, a new record for Mr. Houdini. The good doctor is still working out a game plan for this little guy’s jaw; in the meantime, Chai seems healthy and happy. He’s full of energy and is an absolute dream on walks.

Update on Chai, May 26th: Chai is doing great! His energy level has definitely doubled in the last couple of weeks. He’s very playful and does very well on walks. He still has a broken jaw. He goes in Tuesday for X-rays. Dr. Katie is hoping to see new tissue and bone growth, and will decide if surgery is an option. So fingers crossed for that!

Chai! May 26thFrom Chai’s foster mom, May 2nd: Chai the Chihuahua is such a good little guy, even while wearing the lovely flotation device which prevents him from further injuring his broken jaw. The vet is not sure at this point if his jaw can be repaired surgically, so this week we’re concentrating on treating his oral infections and hoping for new soft tissue to form. Keeping a muzzle on him is a challenge, he’s pretty wily! I let him enjoy a snack and some sunshine before replacing it.

From Chai’s foster mom, April 29th: Chai is doing great! He has a good appetite, and is so anxious to play with my pack of Chihuahuas. I’ve let him interact with a few of my more mellow Chis and he has done very well. I also have two feral cats I care for and he just ignores them when outside, even when they brush up against him. This little boy doesn’t seem to have an aggressive bone in his body.

From Chai’s foster mom, April 27th: Poor little guy is just exhausted. He scoped out the backyard, ‘tagged’ a few bushes, drank a little water, and is now nodding off in his kennel.


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