Buster, Pit Bull Terrier Mix

Meet Buster! Buster was rescued at just seven months of age, scheduled to be euthanized because of horrible leg wounds that had become infected…

Buster was homeless and a stray when Animal Control officers brought him to the East Valley Shelter on March 22nd.  His wounds continued to worsen and spread, and he was scheduled to be euthanized. These treatments won’t be a quick fix…Buster’s legs will be cleaned, painted with raw honey and bandaged three times per week for a minimum of six weeks.  The treatment can only be done by vet staff, since cleaning the wound is paramount to the healing.


Buster’s Updates:

Buster has been adopted! He finally found his perfect, fur-ever family and his M.A.I.N. family couldn’t be happier for him. Thank you to his wonderful foster family who took such great care of him all these months while he waited for his happy ending.

Buster's new momA letter from Buster: My foster Mom always told me that there was a going to be a pot of gold just over the rainbow. The first 7 months of my life was pretty stormy and then came my rainbow MAIN … now I have found my POT of GOLD…. A FOREVER FAMILY! They love me so much they were not going to give up on me. I have a great Family: Mary my Mom is home all day and my Dad George plays tug a war and walks me all the time. I also have 2 KIDS to play with! THE BIG BONUS…. I get to sleep in bed with mom and dad:):) They bought me a bunch of new toys for my basket. They also have special rags they say are just for “ME” they are called “Drool rags”! Mary’s FB photo is me and her in my new backyard! When I found GOLD -I FOUND IT! Thank you to everyone at MAIN and BAH for bringing color, light and love to my life… I will forever be grateful! Love Buster Thompson (YEP I TOOK THEIR LAST NAME!)

From Buster’s foster mom, Colleen: Here’s what she has to say about Buster: He is a sweetheart. He has the funniest voice, bark and growl. He is SUPER loving and very playful. He would do great in a house with a younger, energetic dog and kids to play with. He is a great, great dog. He is passive 90% of the time and then a puppy the rest. He is great with Buddy playing, great in the house, great with the kids and most of the time could care less if the other dogs were there…he is AMAZING. When I tell you this dog is going to make the most amazing companion I’m not just saying that. He bonds quickly and loves to be with people. I’m not a Pit Bull kind of girl, but he honestly is one of the best fosters we’ve ever had… yes I’m saying that after two days!

Buster’s Petfinder bio: Hi folks! My name is Buster and I’m a big, strong, handsome Pit Bull searching for my fur-ever home! I was saved from euthanasia by my pals at M.A.I.N. with terrible infections on my legs. All that sad stuff is behind me now and I’m all healed up- check out my muscles! Don’t worry though, I’m a lover not a fighter! In fact, I’m the best parts of a Pit-Bull. I’m strong and active, but I still love to give slobbery kisses- I’ve been known to steal a few hearts at the dog park. Boy do I LOVE to play with all my dog friends! Tug of war, ball, running, jumping…you name it! I could be your personal trainer and help you get muscles like me! After all that hard work, we could relax at home with some tasty treats and cuddle time. I’m a very affectionate boy! I hear some people are nervous about that word Pit Bull. If you’re looking at my page, YOU must not be! Let’s show the world together what wonderful dogs Pit Bulls can be! Set up a meet-and-greet with me today! I am approximately one year old and my adoption fee is $150. I am neutered, up to date on Bordetella, DHPP and Rabies AND come with my county license!

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