Bunny, Poodle Mix

Bunny's xrays1Meet Bunny.

This adorable dog came into the county shelter with a severe leg injury and needed a rescue outlet and vet care immediately.

Bunny’s initial Xrays show a severe compound fracture to her rear leg, with a significant wound. Bunny was covered in mats and had to be shaved down to see the extent of her injuries; she also has some bruising to her abdomen.

We aren’t sure just what happened to Bunny- it’s possible she was hit by a car, but she also has some puncture wounds on her hind end.

Bunny’s initial bloodwork shows infection and muscle damage consistent with a traumatic injury. For now, she is resting comfortably on pain medication in her foster home and we will continue to work with our partner vet on Bunny’s care.

We will keep everyone updated on Bunny’s progress. Please, if you are able, donate to Bunny’s vet care via PayPal below.

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Bunny’s Updates:

Bunny has been adopted! Congrats to Bunny and her furever family!

bunny, March 2016From Bunny’ foster mom, March 2016: Bunny is quiet, sweet, active, doesn’t shed, and loves kids and all dogs. The one cat that Bunny met hissed at her, and she just walked away, so she should be fine with cats. Bunny is most “hoppy” when she has another dog to romp with. 🙂 It has been heartwarming to watch Bunny heal so gracefully from such awful injuries.

From Bunny’s foster mom, Feb. 2016: Bunny’s sutures were removed yesterday. Guess what, she is walking on her repaired leg nearly all the time, and running like crazy on her three good legs! She will get range of motion exercises twice daily, recheck every 2 weeks until 6 weeks, when she will get spayed and hopefully have her leg pin removed. Bunny loves all dogs, large and small, is a non-barker, and does not shed. Her adoption should be a slam dunk!

From Bunny’s foster mom, Feb. 2016: Bunny is eating well, now loves kibble over wet food, and is allowed to walk around carefully. She’s a total love! Her leg wound looks great after surgery and she now has a rod in place to help the fracture heal.


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