Buddy, Lab/Pit Mix

Buddy11Meet Buddy.

You’ll have to excuse Buddy if his eyes look a little sad and his head hangs a little low…

You see, Buddy has a severe injury to his front leg that causes him pain and limping and most heartbreaking of all, makes him unadoptable.

While he was wandering the streets, Buddy was witnessed getting hit by a car that took off. He stumbled into a canal and animal control was called.

Buddy needed a rescue in order for him to get out of the shelter alive- that’s when M.A.I.N. stepped in! Despite this boy’s obvious pain, he is a sweetheart to everyone he meets and wants nothing more than to be loved.

Buddy's xraysXrays at our partner vet show that Buddy has an extremely unstable fracture of BOTH bones in his leg (left midshaft transverse radial and ulnar fractures).

In order to attempt to save Buddy’s leg, he will require surgery with an external fixator and frequent vet checks while he recovers in a loving foster home.

Surgery is going to be costly and we need your help! Please, if you are able, donate to Buddy’s medical care chip-in fund via PayPal below. EVERY little bit counts. Thank You!

Medical Update, Feb. 27th: Buddy is quite comfy on pain medications for tonight after surgery. We’ll change his wrap tomorrow and he can go to foster for the weekend. The first week is the most tedious because of the drainage and constant readjustments.

Our friends at Hendrick Boards have created a campaign for Buddy! Any Hendrick Board item purchased after clicking on this link sends a $10 donation to M.A.I.N. for Buddy’s care. Click here to check it out!

Buddy’s Updates:

Buddy has been adopted! Congrats, Buddy!

Buddy is so handsome!Buddy’s Bio: Meet Buddy! He was turned into the shelter with a badly broken front leg and was out of time. Medical Animals in Need rescued him and after 6 weeks of rods, pins, screws and lots of crate rest, he is back to being a fun loving boy once again. Buddy loves kids and does a butt wiggle every time he sees a child. He is still learning to not jump so bigger kids are more fun. He loves to run, chase and wrestle with his furry siblings and gets along great with all the dogs he has met but he will also entertain himself with his toys! He LOVES to shake them around then toss them in the air and pounce on them when they land! Buddy is a fast learner and already knows sit, no, come and walks like a gentleman on a leash, most of the time. He has lots of energy but also enjoys his quiet time. He loves to be around you and only wants to make you happy. He especially loves to be in the kitchen with you when you are cooking, and will lay frog leg style very quietly and patiently wait for a crumb to fall his way! AdoraBULL! Buddy is a very happy dog no matter what you are doing as long as he is with you. He is housebroken, doggie door, crate trained, neutered and up to date on all vaccines.

Update May 9th:After six weeks of wearing an external fixator that held his healing bones together with plates and screws, Buddy is back to 100% health and ready for his fur-ever home! His ideal family would have kids to play with, a doggie friend and would be active enough to keep this busy boy happy, because truly he wants nothing more than to be by your side!

Buddy9Medical Update April 8th: Buddy got neutered and his fixator off today. We’ll keep him overnight again and make sure he’s using the leg ok tomorrow before sending him back to foster. Check out the xray of his new and improved bones!

Update, March 5th from Buddy’s foster mom: Buddy got an A+ today from Dr. Katie. He got his fixator tightened up since some of the swelling has gone down and he is sporting a new blue bandage. I think he was glad to be home. He did everything necessary outside (Dr. Katie said he refused to go all day and it showed) then he took his pills, ate, drank lots of water, then laid his head on his My Pretty Pony pillow and fell asleep. He also really likes music. Got him to settle down in the car ride home by turning up the tunes. He has to go back on Friday, then hopefully just once a week, but he is doing really good.

Update from Buddy’s foster mom, March 1st: Buddy is home and has been giving kissing and wagging his tail. I think he is glad to have less pain and be in a home now. He got some boiled chicken and some kibble and I think he thought that was pretty good. Cooking up some yams for dinner too. He cried some on the long way home but hasn’t made a peep since we have been home.

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