Bowie, Border Collie Mix Puppy

Bowie in fosterMeet Bowie.

Bowie was rescued from the county shelter with a suspected liver shunt…

A liver shunt is a normal development while a puppy is growing inside the mother’s uterus. In a normal healthy puppy, this shunt closes towards the end of gestation.

Unfortunately in some cases, the shunt does NOT close. This is dangerous because the liver shunt affects blood flow to and from the liver, preventing the liver from doing it’s natural job of filtering toxins out of the blood.

In very serious cases, some of these toxins can infiltrate the brain, leading to neurological symptoms and even seizures. We have observed a few seizures with Bowie, but for now, he recovers quickly from them and goes back to being a puppy!

Bowie’s initial bloodwork is suspicious towards confirming a diagnosis of a liver shunt; he will have additional testing this week and we will be sure to update everyone. For now, Bowie is safe and loved in a wonderful foster home.

Please, if you are able, donate to Bowie’s medical care via PayPal. Any donation is appreciated so we can continue our mission of helping sick and injured animals, just like Bowie. Thank You!

Bowie’s Updates:

Bowie’s liver shunt is inoperable, but other than his medical condition, he is living life like a normal, silly pup! Bowie will need medical management for life; he’s currently on three different daily meds and doing well. He is adoptable as a special needs case. Feel free to message us for more info on Bowie’s medical needs! His adoption fee is $150 and includes prior vet care, neuter, microchip, County license and shots up to date. You can meet Bowie by filling out our Adoption Application here.

bowieFrom Bowie’s foster family, March 2016: Our crazy little guy is up to 12 lbs. He is getting fixed soon and will get an official weight then. He continues to be an ornery little pup but completely adorable. Kennel trained, doggy door trained, (almost) potty trained… loves to harass Snappy… thinks he can hang with the big guys but has claimed a spot behind the hibiscus hedge just in case…

From Bowie’s foster family, March 2016: Bowie got his puppy shots today. He is up to a whopping 10 lbs. Completely sassy, but very well behaved for a puppy, I think. He sleeps in a kennel all night with no accidents, and is doing very well with the potty training. We leave a door cracked open so he can come in and out, and he hasn’t had an accident in the house for at least a week. He loves his bed, and his chew toys, and his people. He is quite fond of my brother in law and will curl up in the corner of his office and nap with him.

Bowie in foster4From Bowie’s foster family, Feb. 2016: Bowie is up to 9 lbs. He loves the outdoors; we keep a door cracked open and he is outside more than in. He also thinks he is big enough to tackle Snappy’s buffalo horn; he can’t move it, but he will lay by it and chew on it. He continues to be a great puppy. Pretty much potty trained if we leave the door open, is learning the meaning of ‘no,’ loves to explore, but still loves his cuddles. He got a bath yesterday… was becoming quite the grungy little guy!

Bowie’s Updates, Jan. 2016: Bowie‘s ultrasound revealed that he has an extrahepatic shunt (blood vessels outside of the liver). That would be good, in terms of surgical correction, EXCEPT that instead of having one or two vessels, he has a huge web of tiny vessels doing the shunting. In general, this is not very amenable to surgery. He seems to be doing great so we will manage with diet and meds. Could he grow out of it? Possibly. It’s a “wait and see” game at this point. For now, Bowie is loving life, playing and eating like a normal puppy!

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