Bonnie, Chihuahua

Bonnie, Nov. 2014Meet Bonnie.

Bonnie was an owner surrender to the county shelter with a horrible mange infection. This poor girl’s skin has a terrible odor and is completely raw.

Her hair has fallen out in patches and Bonnie is bleeding from the constant scratching. Bonnie was diagnosed with demodex mange at the shelter; a condition in which mites burrow under the skin causing the symptoms described above and obviously, extreme discomfort for the dog.

The county shelter does not have the time or resources to treat this infection and so Bonnie needed a rescue! We can’t imagine watching any of our own family dogs get to this point and so it breaks our heart that Bonnie’s former “family” not only watched her condition get so bad, but gave up on her in the end.

It makes us wonder what this one year old girl’s life must have been up to now…

Perhaps it’s just as well though, because Bonnie is now safe with the M.A.I.N. family and we will do everything in our power to help her heal and ultimately find her true forever family.

Please, if you are able, donate to Bonnie’s medical care chip-in fund via PayPal below. We will keep everyone updated on Bonnie’s progress!

Bonnie’s Updates:

Bonnie has been adopted! Congrats to Bonnie and her new furever home!

March 2015: Click here to check out Bonnie on the news promoting a M.A.I.N. fundraiser! She’s a superstar!

Update Jan 2015: Bonnie had her first negative skin scrape! Her fur is still mostly patchy/bald, but she does have a few tufts of hair growing in. Bonnie is as sweetheart and gets along great with her human friends and doggy pals.

From Bonnie’s foster mom, Dec. 2014: Bonnie is fitting in with her foster crew really well. She loves the big and little dogs. She is getting her baths and meds and I know we will start seeing improvement soon with her mange. She does have ear infections as well as the mange. She is potty trained and crate trained, but she is not crazy about cats. She can’t hurt them but she loves to chase them. She really has a lively personality! She is really a little sweetie and not shy at all.

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