Bogie, Terrier Mix

Meet Bogie! Bogie’s time was up at the county pound; after waiting for one long week, no one came for him…

He was scheduled to be euthanized due to a fractured femur. This break appears old and and as such, it may be too late to save his leg. Don’t worry though- it’s apparent that Bogie’s happy, loving spirit is NOT broken! As always, we will keep everyone updated on his progress!

Medical Update, Oct. 16th: Bogie had his surgery today; he required an amputation of the broken leg, as this was an old injury that could not be repaired. Bogie will live life happy and healthy as a TriPAWd and will recover in a wonderful foster home until he is ready for his fur-ever home!




Bogie’s Updates:

Bogie has been adopted! Congrats to Bogie and his new fur-ever family who fell in love with him at one of the PetsMart adoption events!

Bogie's fur-everA note on Bogie from his foster mom: Bogie is the adorable triPAWd we are fostering under MAIN! He is a nine month old male Terrier mix. He is super sweet and such a cuddle bug. If you are sitting down he is in your lap or wants to lay right by you. He is great with dogs male or female. We have a lab and golden/shepherd mix that he adores and plays with. He is good with kids but I would recommend five yrs and up. He has snapped and growled at my two year old. Both times he growled at the two year old- my son was up in his face and Bogie didn’t like that. But he is great with my six and seven yr old. He will lay in their laps and lick their faces.

He is crate trained 100% and he has never once barked in his kennel, he goes right in. We are still working on house-training; he is almost there!

As far as his energy level, I would say moderate at times. He loves to fetch and is great at it. Even though he only has three legs, he can run and play just like he has four legs. He is the perfect combo of playful yet chill. He will play for a bit and then you will find him passed out on the couch. He is great on his leash too. He is an all around great boy!

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