Benny, Boxer Mix

Meet Benny! Benny is a young Boxer mix who was rescued from County East, severely emaciated and ill with suspected Valley Fever.

Benny’s last day on earth was going to be today…instead, after a full evaluation at BAH, he will start his road to recovery in a loving foster home.

He had been at the county shelter for 7 days and no one had come for him: no owner, no rescue, no one. Arguably, The Rainbow Bridge would’ve been better than the life Benny has endured up until today… He’s never known anything but pain & starvation. But, we wanted to show him that life on earth has more to offer than that…so we rescued him, and you can watch it all above!

Benny was so depressed in his kennel that he’d given up. You could see the despair all over his face.

And then something happened…Benny realized he was leaving this place and his tail wagged for the first time in what must have been months! He even gave his angel transporters kisses & you could see a little glimmer of light in those desperate eyes..

Benny was taken straight to Bethany Animal Hospital where he’ll receive life-saving care that will prepare him to go to his foster angel’s home…where we know he’ll be given all of the TLC needed to make-up for a life that was thrown away by someone else.

Benny’s Medical Update, August: Benny has Tick Fever, Valley Fever and Demodex mange localized around his left eye. His VF is severe with titer levels at 1:256…as high as the “scale” at the lab goes! He doesn’t have the localized bone lesions (like Flaco) but he’s very sick & has a long road to recovery ahead of him.

Benny’s Updates:

Benny has been adopted! Congrats to Benny and his new fur-ever family! The M.A.I.N. family wishes you a life-time of tail wags and kisses, Benny!

Benny's new family!A note on Benny from his foster mom: Benny is great with everyone he meets. He has met kids and basically ignores them so I think he would be fine with them. He lives with dogs of all sizes, big and small, as well as cats. He really loves playing with our little dogs and tries to get our bigger ones to play….especially tug-o-war! He LOVES walks and rides in the car. He is totally housebroken and we never crate him. He sleeps in our room at night on his own bed. He will be on Valley Fever medications for a long time to come so his new family MUST be willing to take proper medical care of him. He will come with a collar, leash, dog bed (nice bolster bed from Costco), toys and a large bag of Blue Buffalo. I can’t say enough good things about Benny. He is the most awesome dog there is!

Update Sept. 13th: Benny had a check up with wonderful Dr. Miller. He has been limping more so she took some xrays. He has bone lesions (from Valley Fever) in both femurs and left elbow. He is now on Rimadyl in addition to his Valley Fever meds. Benny had such a good time seeing so many people and he got lots of love from everyone!

Update August 29th: Benny had a PAWsome visit tonight with Dr. Miller…he got his ears cleaned, nails trimmed, and he’s gained three pounds!!!! The doctor was very pleased with how good his skin looks too. We did find out that he has a Valley Fever lesion in his elbow, much like Flaco, that is causing him some pain, but otherwise making improvements every day!!

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