Bella, Terrier Mix

Bella, SAFE!Meet Bella.

We know it’s very difficult to look at the photos of Bella and even harder to imagine what this tiny little girl has gone through in her 9 months on this earth. As you read her story, watch her video, and see her photos, keep in mind that she is now safe and receiving the love and vet care that she so desperately needed. But to truly tell her story, it’s important to see the extent of what she has gone through.

Bella was turned into the county pound as a stray, suffering in an unimaginable condition. In addition to being thin and extremely dirty, Bella’s right eye was red, swollen, and completely popped out of the socket. She was no longer able to see or even blink her right eye. Her left eye was red, swollen, and oozing.

When we arrived to pick Bella up and take her to our veterinarian, we were in shock at her condition. Her eyes were in such bad shape and Bella appeared dazed, timid, and confused. It was obvious almost immediately that Bella couldn’t see and that she was extremely uncomfortable, pawing and rubbing at both eyes.

Bella’s new foster mom wrapped her in a towel and picked her up. Looking Bella over and talking softly to her, Bella’s foster mother noticed right away that there was a black shoelace tied tightly around Bella’s neck, hidden in her fur. Once that was removed, Bella was on her way to the vet.

Upon examination by the vet, it was determined that the condition of Bella’s eyes was a traumatic injury, likely caused by strangulation, either by a collar (perhaps the black shoelace?) or strangulation at the hands of a person, causing her right eye to pop out of the socket. Her right eye was unable to be saved and there is a 50/50 chance that she’ll lose her left eye too. We choose to remain optimistic but at this point it’s a waiting game.

Please, if you are able, donate to Bella’s medical care chip in fund via Pay Pal. The dogs only have us and we only have YOU. Thank You!

Bella’s Updates:

Bella has been adopted! Congrats to Bell and her new fur-ever home!

Bella, safe in fosterFrom Bella’s foster mom: Well, Bella, Bella, Bella…I love her! She’s a playful, happy, loving puppy. She might be a year old by now, but I don’t think she had a happy puppy life, so with that said, she’s now happy and it shows in her playful ways. She loves people, all ages. She has met a cat, and could care less, she’s crate trained, sleeps in there at any giving time and at night, if not on my bed. She does well with other dogs that she has had time to get to know. She pokes the other dogs to play with her and if they don’t want to play, they let her know and she backs off. One cannot tell she is blind by looking at her interact with other dogs. She will need to have eye drops in her one eye, just to keep it moist, daily.

She will need a home that is not cluttered with stuff, since she runs into things, a home with a fence if they have a pool, and someone that will be willing to give her medical care.
Update on Bella, May 9th: Bella saw the vet and she said the eye is left eye is doing fine. She gave me some different eye drops and will see us back in two weeks.
Bella!Update from Bella’s foster mom, April 24th: Not only is Bella beautiful on the outside, she has a beautiful, playful, loving heart…super happy all the time…now that she is no longer in pain.
Medical Update: Bella had surgery for her eye injuries and the surgery went well. The right eye was removed, the left eye we will wait to see how it responds to treatment. She was also spayed and an umbilical hernia taken care of. She’s a puppy- maybe 9 months old.