Bailey, Australian Shepherd Mix

imageIt never ends… Meet Bailey.

We received a call from the shelter about a 12 week old puppy that was just brought in, covered in some type of horrible burns.

So, Don and Heather drove to the West Shelter to pick her up and take her to Bethany Animal Hospital.

Despite the pain she was in with multiple burns across her body and infection sinking in to those near her legs, she is in good spirits and enjoyed the attention.

She is a sweet and outgoing little girl that’s had a very unfortunate beginning to her very short life.  We’re doing everything we possibly can for her, so please help us with her medical bills if you can!


Scroll down for photos (warning: Graphic Images)



Bailey’s Updates:

Bailey has officially been adopted by her foster mom! Her fur-ever brother is M.A.I.N. alumni, Sawyer! Now that’s what we call, a Lucky Dog!

B2Update from Bailey’s foster mom, April 6th: She knows how to come in the house with the double flap door. Not sure if she knows how to go out unassisted yet.  She can get on the outside lounger by herself and as I just saw, the couch. She is not totally potty trained yet, but is still the sweetest puppy ever. Bailey had her leg bandage taken off and now Dr. Melissa wants it to dry out so it can continue to heal. When I saw what was under the bandage, it took my breath away and this is so much better than what it was a week ago.

From Bailey’s foster mom, March 31st: All was quiet until 1:30am. Then she started to cry a little bit. I looked in on her but the angle she was sleeping I could only see the cone and not her face, so I didn’t know if she was asleep. She kept doing it so I opened her door and even though her back was turned to me, I just stroked her and she was quiet. Now the best part of this was that Brody sleeps on the bed with me and he got off and laid down next to me to check in with her and stayed there with me until I thought she was OK. When I got her out of the mansion this morning at 7AM – what a difference 12 hours makes! Brody was greeting her, as was Sawyer and her little tail was wagging a mile a minute. Last night she ate a cup of food – this morning almost two cups – she was ravenous. Sawyer stuck his head in her cone and she kissed him.

She still follows me around and right now she is sleeping by my feet under my desk. Sawyer comes in to check on her, but I think they all figured out that nothing changes for them. They still play together, their routine is the same and they all get their love, so they are great now. She is not ready to play but that will come.

Kelly also thought she might have gotten burned by going inside a car engine to get warm. I was able to look at her this morning closely – that makes total sense. Her burns mirror each other on both her shoulder blades and sides. I actually feel better about that for some reason. It’s nice to know a plausible reason.

SB7From Bailey’s foster mom, March 29th: Bailey is home!

Her personality: And this could be because tonight is a new environment and it is very loud and active here, but she stayed right next to me when I went outside to take her potty. I sat outside with her while the other pups played. She was right next to me, and in fact at times standing on my feet. She wanted to be picked up but since the dogs weren’t around her and she was safe I wanted her to build her confidence, so I just held her close while she stayed on the ground. She is very quiet and when we came in from play time she went to her bathroom and laid down, but when I checked on her, she was awake. She is not sure of what is happening is my take on it. She has a hard time finding a position to be comfortable in since her underside is raw – not as bad as her sides though, but I am sure she is uncomfortable. The bathroom door is blocked off with a baby gate and Sawyer checks on her when he zips down the hall. My office is next to the bathroom so I can keep an eye on her. She wasn’t comfortable with the dogs sniffing her sides because both sides have opened wounds and the skin that is dead is coming off so that is starting to be open also. She only weighs 19 pounds; she is thin and only 12 weeks old. She is a baby, but I think she will start getting comfortable in a couple of days. Bailey has the sweetest face as you can see in the pictures. She will be with us at least 2 months while she heals and I look forward to watching her blossom. I’ll keep you updated, Joan.

Bailey stopped by Don’s for our Summer-time Photo Shoot!

We couldn’t get over how beautiful this girl is growing up! Her wounds are almost healed and she has such a happy, playful spirit. Her antics with foster brother Sawyer had us cracking up!

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